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How to motivate yourself to study and still have active social life?


How to motivate yourself to study when there are so many fun student activities around? Which one to choose over the other? Which one is more pleasant? But which one is more important for your future? All the answers are here!!!

Here, it’s both! At Lapland University of Applied Sciences, you can combine studies and fun so, that they don’t affect each other. At Lapland University of Applied Sciences, spare time is not a problem. There always are some events, meetings, “nights-out” and sport activities, where you can mingle with international as well as with the local people. Just an advice for you: “if you wish to have enough time for both fun and studying, you need to manage the business of yours very well!”


Certainly, it depends on the kind of person you are. Whether you are a “company person” or a quite introvert, it will influence how much time you dedicate to socializing. Therefore, one of the main suggestion I can give to you is to write your personal diary/organizer, where you will mark all of your classes, deadlines and meetings. This will 100% help you to combine school and university activities. It also will release your head from the stress and overstimulation – you will clearly see, how busy you are and make plans accordingly.

Tip #2
Next, mark not only your tasks but also pleasant things in the diary – “small prizes”, with which you can reward yourself for meeting a deadline on time or completing just a small task. This technique is recommended by many business and leadership-focused writers; such as Brian Tracy, for example. In his book “Eat That Frog!”, he proposes such a technique. The point is that, when you have something you really do not want to do; in your diary, you should draw a small frog and every time after getting rid of such by crossing it, you can reward yourself with a special prize, like a delicious cake or a ticket to the cinema. Personally, I use this technique a lot. It really helps motivate myself to study. When you encourage yourself you want to move further. Simple as that. ;)

In my opinion, these are the most important and, actually, the basic principles of how to include some fun in your studies. The last tip: Don’t plan to study the whole day and have fun the whole night with your friends! We all need to sleep to regain energy for the next day. ;)

Good luck with finding new friends and studying!


- Lada Stukolkina, DPT'13 student -