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Why do I enjoy studying in Lapland UAS?



I’m Jana and currently I study BIT or Business Information Technology in Lapland UAS.  

When I started to study in Finland I noticed some differences between Russian and Finnish education systems, and therefore I would like to share some of them with you.

#1 jana.ladygina.jpgTEAM WORK & PRESENTATIONS

Since there are many international students from China, the USA, France, Hungary, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Nepal, Iran, Pakistan, Germany, we have to learn how to collaborate with each other while working on group assignments. Despite the fact that all students are from diverse cultures, we definitely have some things in common. I have also noticed, that understanding is the most crucial thing in international environment. I really enjoy using English on a daily basis, making friends from other countries and studying in an international team as well.


Learning in Lapland UAS is NOT about sitting in the class and listening lectures. It is completely opposite. You need to be active and be ready to make a team in the class and start working on a task. Teachers are not for controlling you, what you are doing in the class, but teachers are present in the class in order to give you an assistance and advice. If you want to give the feedback concerning a course or if you have some new ideas regarding assignments, you are always welcome to discuss them with teachers.
Lapland UAS offers students to take some additional courses during a study semester or even some summer courses and study REMOTELY. I have never heard about this system when I studied in Russia, so it was something new for me. This summer I took three summer courses: “Culture Connected Customer Service”, “Finnish language”, “Linux Server Installation and Configuration” and I got some extra credits. Basically, online virtual meetings were hold via i-Linc (virtual classroom software) and all assignments were to be done remotely and submitted before the due date. This way of studying is new for me, and who knows may be soon it will be more widespread all around the world.


Teachers do not try to find students whom they like more or less, since they treat all students equally. Grades depend on team work assignments, amount of assignments that are to be submitted individually before the deadline and sometimes exams. Moreover, teachers in the school are ready to assist you if it is needed and most of them are reachable via school email.


I also want you to know that students have parties and get together events in Tornio, they do not just study!
Generally, I can say that the huge difference between Russian and Finnish education systems is that in Finland students are enthusiastically excepted to participate in learning process and here learning is based on practicing.

If you want to hear some more stories from my experience studying in Lapland UAS in BIT faculty, please contact me and I would be happy to share them! 

Jana Ladygina,
Business Information Technology