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Learning from a solopreneur


A happy trainee at the Happy marketing agency. Here is my traineeship story and a couple of tips for your training place search.

But first let’s start with who I am. I'm Laura Tyimofejev from Hungary and I'm an International Business student at Lapland UAS. I did my first practical training this summer at Valvimo. Valvimo is a happy marketing agency located in Rovaniemi, Lapland. The company is owned by Riia Valvimo. She is an entrepreneur and specialized in personal and expert branding as well as social media marketing and networking.

Tasks during my marketing internship

During the summer I worked as a marketing assistant for Riia and my tasks included photo editing, social media content creating, Instagram grid planning and online event planning and execution. I have created different kinds of visuals like presentation templates, document templates, Facebook Ads, social media cover pictures and I even had the opportunity to design a logo for Valvimo's client.

My biggest task was the brand manual and graphical instructions for Valvimo. For the brand manual I designed the visuals appearance and wrote the English content. If you would like to know more about the work I have done, you can take a look at my Portfolio.

(Portfolio can be downloaded from here: https://lucit-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/ltyimofe_edu_lapinamk_fi/EbElEPpBPSFIinST8cSqpDsBz_aBXSpxgU4tQ5wkTtpGGQ?e=tk9Ojg )

What are the benefits of a small company in terms of a traineeship?

I would say that a smaller company can be a better choice as a trainee since we all heard about the intern stories at big companies - “I have only learned how my boss drinks her coffee”.

You can get a better understanding of the business processes and an idea of what you have to do as an entrepreneur/small business owner. Also, Solo-Entrepreneurs can concentrate on you more. The downside, on the other hand, can be that they do almost everything by themselves so they are really busy.

But in my opinion a big company might also be a great choice if you already have some experience in a small business so you can see what is the difference between running a small business and a bigger company. I have experienced both and I think there is quite a big difference in terms of how you can get answers to your questions. During my traineeship, I only had to ask Riia to get an answer, but at a bigger company if I wasn't lucky I had to ask at least 3 people to get the answer that I was looking for.

Tips on how you can find a place which is suitable for YOU

First things first, you should know what is the field of business that you are interested in. For example, in my case, later on I would like to work in the field of marketing so I benefited from the traineeship a lot.

After you have the field of business figured out you can start doing your research. Look on the internet and don't forget to ask your network. And try to find companies in the industry that you have chosen.

Joyful regards,
Laura Tyimofejev ☀️
Second year International Business Student