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I wanted to study tourism exactly in Rovaniemi!

I never ever thought that I would end up studying here, or at least not staying in a city to live my life, but the arctic snow town, the capital of Lapland has surprised me.

Thinking about tourism studies? Loving the adventure, young hearted but still want to have a proper job? Then you should try this.

They call me Tanja. I’m a life loving and dancing girl from the small Tornio Valley just beside Sweden from a small village called Pello (100 km from Rovaniemi). I never ever thought that I would end up studying here, or at least not staying in a city to live my life, but the arctic snow town, the capital of Lapland has surprised me. Accessible nature, nice possibilities for sporting, genuine Lappish people and of course the magical Arctic Circle with its polar night and never setting midnight sun impressed me. I have found good people around me here and I’m not the least happy about our little street dance family we have in town.

I have always liked to work with people, in customer service positions. Nevertheless, believe me or not, the idea of starting tourism studies came to me when I spent one winter in Ylläs Ski Resort – about 174 km from Rovaniemi up north – cleaning cottages of lovely tourists. I felt like I want to work with these guys and create them even better vacations in our fascinating surroundings of the Arctic Circle. Even though Rovaniemi was not the first city where I had planned to continue my studies after high school, Lapland had always had an important place in my heart and that was the reason I wanted to study tourism exactly in Rovaniemi.

Also the wide range of opportunities for my future career was one of the reasons I chose the tourism studies. Project manager, safari guide, hotel manager, experience designer, waitress… You name it. I have worked within the tourism field since I don’t even remember. I have tested cleaning, waitressing, experience designing with tour operators, working at the reception and currently organizing the biggest event of Lapland, the summer festival Simerock, as a festival assistant. Many different jobs and I haven’t even seen the half of it and I’m impatiently waiting what the future will bring to me.

Improving my language skills and getting good potential for working abroad were the reasons I chose to study in English. With an international degree you will have better chances to apply for jobs in foreign countries, and well, it is quite nice to have a good competence in using the language of the world. I couldn’t be happier that I chose to start my studies with the Degree Programme in Tourism and especially in Rovaniemi. I was super lucky with my classmates and I have got valuable friends and people into my life. Overall, it was a really nice experience to study in the DPT programme at Lapland UAS and I can warmly recommend the school and its teachers to you.

-Tanja Vierikko / DPT ‘13

My life has changed in Lapland!

Rovaniemi is my second home now

My name is Thao Nguyen and my friends call me Tibby. I am from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where I have graduated from a college specialised in Import-Export Business. However, I decided to change my major into Tourism and Hospitality Management and Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Finland caught my attention. After searching for information about the programme online and from the Admission Services, it was time to take action. I filled in an online application and sent all the needed documents by post and then received an invitation to take the entrance exam in Vietnam.
In 2015, the entrance exam consisted of three parts: motivation letter, essay and math. You can prepare for the exam by considering your motivation for the studies and reading information related to your study field. However, the most important tips for the exams are the following:

• Before the entrance exam day: eat, relax and most importantly, sleep well.
• Entrance exam day: concentrate, stay calm and believe in yourself -you can do it!

I was so delighted and proud of myself when I received the results and information about the study place. Then I just followed the instructions to confirm the study place, found an apartment through the student housing organisation and applied for the resident permit. On August 25, 2015, a Vietnamese girl finally went her own path and started a new life in Rovaniemi. A year in Finland has been wonderful for me. I have learned and experienced new things and have gained lots of friends from many different countries. Rovaniemi is my second home  now.

- Thao Nguyen, Tourism student

We have even climbed up the mountain just to learn guiding

Our classes are not traditional classrooms studies but we learn also in the actual working environment; in kitchens, restaurants and hotels

Hi, my name is Hung Ngyen and I come from Vietnam. I started my studies in the Multidimensional Tourism Institute in Lapland UAS here in Rovaniemi in August 2014.

Here in Lapland, I see a lot of friendly people and have made many good friends. My teachers and tutors are very supportive. Our classes are not traditional classrooms studies but we learn also in the actual working environment; in kitchens, restaurants and hotels. We have even climbed up a mountain just to learn guiding. How amazing is that!

At MTI campus here in Rovaniemi we have two amazing study environments called Dream Factory, which I like the most. I was wowed by the colorful and stunning design when I first started my studies there. The Dream Factory is a modern environment with high-tech equipment like smart board for you to have the most interactive lesson ever, and also private enough for you to have a nap when needed.

- Hung Nguyen, Vietnam, Tourism student -

This Is Why I Chose Tourism

I feel much older since I first came to Finland. And it is not because of how many years I lived here, but because of HOW I lived. I gained plenty of life experience studying at Lapland UAS.

I was 17 years old, when left Russia and I came to study Tourism here. Probably, as any other newbie would be, I was nervous about making friends in a new place. I mean, it’s quite common to worry, whether you will fit in a new community or not, but I was twice more concerned that I would study in an international group. But, you know, all of my fears flew away as soon as I got to know my classmates. They were very friendly and open.


Originally, I decided to study tourism, because I loved (yes, loved very much) languages! At high school, I learned Finnish, German and English. Finnish and English were my favorite languages, so I decided that the international degree in Finland would suit me the best. The second reason was my wish to travel the world and I thought it would be easier for me to start from the study exchange. Last spring, I spent 4 months studying in Austria in the Alps. It was a very memorable experience and, more importantly it changed me! I recommend a year abroad to everyone! You not only learn new things about other cultures, places and history, but you also learn new things about yourself!


Another thing, which appealed to me, when I was applying for Degree Programme in Tourism, was the specialization in Experience Design. I am an artistic person and I don’t like spending the whole time in front of the books or a computer. The tourism degree offered exactly what I wanted: different projects, international environment and practicality, so I applied to study Experience Design.

For me, it was a pleasant surprise that we would have a lot of study-trips. Since the beginning of my studies here, I’ve traveled the whole Lapland, visited Sweden and went to Central Europe. Furthermore, I have worked in several positions, including animator, guide, interpreter, receptionist and cashier, but I am still searching for my real calling. This is like a journey of life, and I do like journeys! ;)

-Lada Stukolkina, DPT’13-

Working with and for people in an international environment

Hey! My name is Elina and I am a third-year tourism student at Lapland UAS.

Originally I am from a small village next to the Swedish border, only about 100km from Rovaniemi.

After I graduated from high school I had no idea what to study, so I just applied for some degree programmes that just came to my mind. Before the applying period was over I knew that I would not start my professional studies this year. So, I headed to Äkäslompolo which is a winter destination in Lapland. I worked there for a year in a tourism company where I had been working during my high-school studies.

Äkäslompolo has only few hundred permanent inhabitants and during one season the amount of people grows up to 60,000, so, when I worked there, I was constantly rounded by tourists and tourism in general. Then, I realised that this is what I want to do; working with and for people in an international environment and solving unexpected problems and exceeding customer expectations. Internationalization is also the reason I chose to study in English instead of Finnish and also because of the fact that I would already learn professional terms in English.

Here, the tourism studies combine theory and practical real life experiences together. There are many projects and working life practices during the studies, so that the students are able to apply their theoretical knowledge they have learned, into practice and analyze its usability in different situations. Also every project which is done has a real commissioner or customer evaluating the outcomes of our projects. Personally, I think it is good that students are not shut down inside the walls of the university but they are actually well aware what is going on in real working life.

As an example of one project: every year the third-year students organize a gala dinner for international students and faculties in Rovaniemi. The students need to form a project group and manage all the tasks and responsibilities by themselves such as management, finance, marketing, programme, catering and outer appearance of the venue – basically everything. And it is important for them to also remember how to make it a memorable experience for the guests.

Tourism definitely is an international field and, therefore, I think studying in a multicultural group is a great learning process where you need to learn how to compromise and also learn to understand other ways of looking at this world of ours. The programme also enables exchange periods abroad, both study and training. I have used the both opportunities. First, I did my basic training in Germany and then, continued from there to have a study exchange in Austria. Those eight months were the most challenging and rewarding time period not only in my studies but also in my personal life.

Time has been flying and I cannot believe it is already time to start the thesis project. We have had inspiring challenges and also a lot of fun with my classmates. After my graduation, I will probably start working, but I think that at some point I might continue my studies in tourism. I hope to be able to work in an international environment, although I am not sure yet in which sector (marketing, customer service, event management etc.), since there are so many that interest me! Soon, I will start my advanced training, so hopefully it will give me some ideas!

-Elina Nousiainen / DPT'13-

Getting the tourism degree at Lapin UAS is one of the best choices I have ever made!

Titty in Rovaniemi.jpg
Three years ago, I convinced my parents to allow me the opportunity to study abroad in the official hometown of Santa Claus!

With a strong desire to learn different cultures in a famous tourism city, my plan was to enrol at the tourism degree programme offered by Lapland University of Applied Sciences. Years in a multinational environment made me grow and improve rapidly. More importantly, the Finnish model of education taught me to construct and share my own ideas through project and training opportunities.

One example of this occurred during my advanced training period as a receptionist with a destination management company, which always exceeded their legal obligations to manage their environmental impact. I was greatly impressed with their practices to reduce energy consumption, provide job opportunities to local people, offer high quality products to customers, increase job satisfaction amongst their employees and sponsor local associations. Yet, there was a problem within this small business. Their operations were fragmented and did not integrate into the company’s culture and policies. At that time, I began preparations for my bachelor’s thesis and I was wondering if this could become my thesis topic. Fortunately, after discussions with the managers, I chose integration of corporate social responsibility (CSR) into small-sized tourism company strategies for my thesis topic, and they agreed that they could provide me an environment to conduct my thesis project research. Therefore, I finally got a chance to independently finish a project with a real company under supervision of my two thesis supervisors. Later on, I had my thesis presentation, which was successful and unforgettable. After the presentation, my supervisor said I had improved a lot during these three and a half years and she still remember that I was a student who was always afraid of expressing my own ideas in the first year.

In one week, I will leave Rovaniemi and go back to China. After half-a-year gap, I will continue towards my master’s degree next September in another country. However, I will never forget Lapland University of Applied Sciences, the MTI campus, all teachers and my classmates. The decision of getting the tourism degree at Lapland UAS is one of the best choices I have ever made.

Tang Tian, “Tity”
A Tourism student / Lapland University of Applied Sciences

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Lapland was so intriguing place that I decided to come here to study

Photo 25-12-2016, 14.14.33.jpg
Wonder how I ended up in Finland? And why am I still working here? In my latest job interview, the interviewer asked me the same question why I came to Finland. My answer was ‘‘I never came to Finland, I came to Lapland.’’

I am Imran. Born and raised in Pakistan. I graduated from Lapland UAS in 2015 and I am currently working in Clarion Hotel Helsinki as a night audit agent. 

When I applied for Lapland UAS, I had already graduated from Commerce with a specialization in Accounting but at the same time, I wanted to travel abroad for further studies. I started to look for different study options in Finland because I had some friends who recommended me to study in Finland. I have always been mesmerized by the midnight sun and northern lights phenomena and always wanted to observe them. As soon as I knew that Finnish Lapland has the midnight sun and northern lights (keeping in mind I was not good at geography :D) I decided this is the place where I wanna be!

Lapland UAS has a very balanced study structure between theory and practical training. We had lots of on-the-field assignments, for example visiting tourist attractions and safari companies. This helped me a lot to learn about the local and international culture. It was an extensive and deep learning experience from contact lessons to group work and study tours. The teachers really own you here. I remember, my teacher tutor Ulla even helped me to find a job during my early days in Finland.

If you are planning to study in the tourism and hospitality field, I highly recommend Lapland UAS because here you have great opportunities to learn about tourism in a real environment. Rovaniemi is a small town that means easy to move around. I call it my Finnish hometown.

After graduation, I started looking for a job because I really wanted to stay here in this beautiful country. It was not easy to find a job without proper skills of Finnish. I was motivated to start my career as a hospitality professional, so I decided to go to full time language school and after spending there only 6 months I heard of a Norwegian hotel chain entering into the Finnish market. The next thought I had was ‘‘a job at a hotel in Finland means you need to have fluent Finnish skills’’. I had doubts and fears while I was writing the application for this job. But at the same time, I had passion and courage to tell the world that nothing is impossible if you have these two qualities.

I would also like to share my journey to this job. The company launched a big recruitment campaign in Helsinki. The first audition was to sell yourself to the employer within 2 minutes. Guess what? I did it! I made my way to the second round. Then after a week, we had a few online tests where I succeeded as well. This was the moment when I said to myself that I am gonna get this job. Then there was a 3rd round and after this final interview, I was selected to be part of the team.

My advice for new students is that have dreams in your life, work hard for them, never lose hope and live your passions, success will follow you! Cheers!

Imran Safdar, DPT-graduated

Educating Oneself for Future’s Career in Tourism

I met a lot of wonderful people from all around the world and made new friends. I always had the feeling of being a part of the community, part of the team: both in and out of the university.

I graduated from the Degree Programme in Tourism at Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Lapland UAS) in 2015, and I am now doing my Master’s Degree at the University of Lapland. Being from St. Petersburg in Russia, I have been living in Finnish Lapland for almost 6 years. And frankly speaking, the more I live here in Rovaniemi - the more I get attached to this place and the more I like it.

Time for the Big Decision: Future’s Career Plans

However, first things first. I was 16 when I was finishing the last year in the gymnasium in St. Petersburg and it was time for the big decision: what to study and where to apply. The tourism industry had somehow fascinated me and I chose it as my subject. I knew I wanted to study abroad in an intercultural environment and Finland seemed like the perfect place for that. I found that in Rovaniemi there was a good tourism institution offering studies in English. I looked at the map and, without knowing much about Lapland, I thought that it could be a great place to study. I took the entrance exam in St. Petersburg. I was fortunate to get to Lapland UAS (RAMK back then), the Degree Programme in Tourism. And then the next page of my life began.

Continuing Studies and Falling in Love with Lapland

To say that my life has changed since I left my home in Russia is to say nothing. Every time you get into a new environment, culture and society you change. Many things have changed from my viewpoint. The education system with a balanced combination of theory and practice is one. In addition to this, many real projects and field trips appeared new to me, but I immediately loved it all. In every class we learned not only from books, but also from each other - and group work supported that. All in all, during the degree not only I gained a lot in terms of knowledge and being prepared for working life, I also enjoyed my learning journey.

I met a lot of wonderful people from all around the world and made new friends. I always had the feeling of being a part of the community, part of the team: both in and out of the university. And these local people, who may first seem cold from outside, but in the end they are so kind and friendly once you get to know them. It was not a problem to find a seasonal job here either - of course in the tourism field. That way you can implement your knowledge in practice as well as learn from work.

I also have to mention the fascinating nature of Lapland and the way it is culturally treated. I think I will never stop getting amazed by the beauty of the North.

Now I am continuing my Tourism studies with MTI at the University of Lapland and I am happy to be here. My bachelor degree from Lapland UAS gave me a great knowledge base for further studies, so now I can focus more on sociological and ethical aspects of tourism.

Experiencing a Broad Range of Tasks in Tourism Field

During my studies in Lapland, I have had a chance to try my skills in various tourism fields and see the industry from the practical side as well. Thanks to traineeships, I have experienced working in restaurants, an amusement park and a travel agency - with tasks covering both customer service and managerial/development aspects. Now, I keep on working in a nature-based safari company, a local destination management company.

Lapland is a truly magical place! Once you get here, your life won’t remain the same.

Mikhail Sinitsyn, DPT-graduated

The DPT Graduate, Veli-Matti Hettula Career Story

Lintutornissa 1.jpg
Now here is a story for you guys who are pondering whether to apply to DPT (Degree Programme in Tourism) or where to head after graduation.

My background to start with is far from a usual one; I was working as a prison officer in Helsinki when I saw an advert of a Tourism programme where tuition was completely in English, but in Rovaniemi where I was born. Wow! Having lived in England for a while I got interested, applied and in the end got accepted. Then came the decision making process at home where my wife and two daughters came seriously into play. In the end we decided to pack our gear and return to Lapland as both of us have roots in Kittilä.

School started and my motivation was sky high! My wife took care of the children at home and I went to school every day thinking; "I must be effective with my studies as she is working hard at home so that I can study at peace!" Exams and essays followed one another and the group of students started to grow together. The first training during December came quickly and I wanted to split it in two in order to create an opinion of what I would like to do. First I went to a local hotel for a few weeks and liked it. The second place was an assistant guide with the UK charters at Korvala. I was a bit unsure of the whole thing with the Elf costumes and all, but I decided to give it a go with a company called Emagine Travel UK Ltd. It was a decision that I didn't have to regret!

The next Christmas I had a larger role and I also expanded the guiding experience to Saariselkä over New Year. Then came the last year of my studies and I was asked whether I would like to work year round for the company after graduation! Soon the school was out and new challenges were waiting ahead. Building my knowledge upon the issues learned at school had started. After a lot of clients and programme services in various locations in Lapland, I wanted to try the programme service sector more in depth with Lapland Safaris in Levi. Selling the services became more familiar and so did the comprehension of distribution channels of tourism in general. New groups from different countries and cultures broadened my knowledge further and I was lucky to work with a few of the very top of their business in and outside of tourism branch.

Developing something new has always fascinated me and so the next step was my current position as a Project Manager with the Kittilä municipality and Kideve, Kittilä Development. The first project combined culture and tourism into better conversation and understanding one another. I had to challenge myself to new branches and issues where I had not been thinking to work while studying tourism at the university of applied sciences. After the first one, new projects have come along where culture tourism, events, villages of Kittilä, tourism education and many other issues related to tourism have been the subject of development.

The growing understanding of the scale of tourism sector has broadened my view and also raised the hunger for further knowledge of tourism. Therefore I started studying alongside work in the Master of Hospitality Management programme at RAMK (now Lapland UAS). It was the right choice for my personal growth as in addition to the tuition itself I got the chance to challenge other colleagues and tourism teachers with conversations related in and outside the branch.

Now after about 10 years of tourism experience from different positions I still feel that I have the passion to develop and challenge myself for future challenges that are ahead. What they are remains to be seen.

In the end here is my advice to you who are currently studying and soon entering the tourism branch:

1) Go abroad at an early stage of your career. It will extend your personal view and you will learn more from yourself.
2) Ask questions and challenge yourself and others from time to time. You will learn more from the branch and the scope of it.
3) Future employees need to look at branches outside their own and understand how to modify the signals back to their own branch.
4) Be proactive, not reactive and you can be a future professional!

- Veli-Matti Hettula, Alumni / DPT graduate -

Kuvaaja, Vesa Rönty