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Dreams are here in Lapland!

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I have a range of work experience and this was the one of the reasons why I chose to study the Degree in Tourism. I hope to start a business of my own.

Hi, my name is Linda Krajewski. I am 35 years old, a dual citizen for Finland and Australia.
I was born and raised in a small family in Helsinki. During my teenage years I enjoyed horses and nature, spending much of my time caring for them at the stables. I completed my trade in Vantaa as a surface treatment technician, but I went on to pursue a life of personal fitness and travel. I have 8 years’ experience as a Fitness professional and an assessor trainer at a private education company. I settled in Australia after meeting my husband who was in the Australian Army. We then raised our family together in different parts of Australia for 10 years. I have been to countries such as Japan, New Zealand, Thailand and many more. I love travelling and learning about new cultures. I completed several vocational courses in Australia including business and management.

I have worked in many cafés, restaurants and fitness centres. As a pizzeria employee I was the head of the prepping for the opening of the business and training new staff. I have also worked as an educational trainer and assessor in Australia to qualify other fitness leaders. I have a range of work experience and this was the one of the reasons why I chose to study the Degree in Tourism. 

I have always enjoyed providing a good and positive customer service experience wherever I work. I have started my own business where I provide experiences and accommodation. I love working with different nationalities. I applied for Lapland University of Applied Sciences in the Degree Programme in Tourism because I believed this will complete my knowledge what I have done before and it will help me to prove my business. I’m extremely enjoying the studies at Lapland UAS.

I am hoping to continue towards the Master’s Degree at Lapland University. I hope to grow my business here in Lapland. The more time I spend in here in the nature, the more I fall in love with the forest. I joined the hunting club when we moved here; it’s fascinating. Sitting in the forest over the bond fire is magical.

- Linda J. Krajewski --


Going international in Rovaniemi

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You can get involved with so many different nationalities and cultures while experiencing the arctic lifestyle.

Tourism studies has it all. It is broad and unique and works best for anyone who wants to get a little international. If you do not want to exit the arctic area, you can let the nationalities come to you here in Rovaniemi through the studies. Want to go abroad? That is possible too. It is all included.

My name is Jakke and I have been born and raised in Rovaniemi. In fact, I have lived most of my life in here so far. I have grown to praise and respect the arctic conditions that we have here. Unlike many others, I actually enjoy the constant darkness in winter that swallows the land most of the time, as I find it very atmospheric. I could spend countless of days having the bonfire/fireplace as the only source of light.

What made my study tourism in Lapland then? Well, I have tried many things when it comes to work, but I really wanted to get to put my English skills to use. Of course, the second heaviest influencer was the fact that I like to work with people. If you are a Finnish person like me and may have been giving thought for applying to tourism studies, but are scared if your English skills are sufficient, I have something to tell you: Do not hesitate. You will do perfectly fine. It is not rocket science and you will improve all the time with it throughout your studies.

From the beginning of the studies your class will be very multicultural and you will keep meeting more and more people as you progress. The studies are a lot about project working, marketing, event organizing and learning about business models. Creativity holds an important role in the field and practicing it in group tasks is in key role. You can also study languages in here!

The extensive possibilities that this field offers is definitely worth checking!

- Jakke Rutonen, DPT15

Great experiences in the Arctic area

Boris2 (1).jpg
My studies can provide me a possibility in almost any working area but it is focused on entrepreneurship. After graduation I would like to stay in Lapland.

Hello there! My name is Boris Stoev and I am from Bulgaria. I am studying in the Degree Programme in Tourism at Lapland University of Applied Sciences or more accurately Experience Design and Hospitality Management, here in Rovaniemi, Finland. I started my studies in the autumn of 2017.

I came to Lapland UAS right after I graduated from High School in Bulgaria. To be honest, this degree was not my first choice, but I am definitely not regretting it. In fact, I am loving it. I ended up applying for and choosing the Degree Programme in Tourism because I love nature, being out in the wild and different cultures (my parents also had an influence on my choice), but the courses here surprised me in a good way. I had to make a hard decision between this degree here in Finland and another one in Arts/Drama in Bulgaria. In the end I chose Finland and I am happy about it, because I have never studied anything similar to what we learn here and I am enjoying it.

I was aiming at going out of Bulgaria and Finland was the country I headed to; I just did not know where at the time. Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, was a place I had visited and loved as a child and in the end, I ended up here. One of the reasons I wanted to come to Finland was that the education is one of the best ones in the whole world. Other reasons were that the country has amazingly fresh air, clean and wild nature, one of the best tasting water in the world (if not the best) and of course that the crime rate is significantly low... but of course also the fact that you can meet Santa Claus every day of the year here in Rovaniemi is also a plus.

I love studying here because the teachers care about educating their students and about their usual life. I like the way how the teachers also encourage us, the students, to call them by their first name (or nickname); it makes a friendly environment. And well, some Finnish surnames are quite hard to pronounce for non-Finnish people. I like that there are many student events like checkpoint races, parties, hang outs (usually in nature by a shelter and a campfire with a grilled sausage) etc.

So far my studies have been going well. Of course, I have had ups and downs in some of the courses but this is why I am here - to learn! Some courses are very interesting, for example at the moment we are studying Human Resource Management and it is amazing. We had to organize in our first year one very fun event and if I am not mistaking, it is a Finnish one – Vappu. I also had an amazing opportunity to be in the organization of Dash Lapland, which is a design hackathon event.

We have been studying some Finnish laws, Accounting and Budgeting, Finnish language (which by the way is very fun but not so easy), Designing Tourism Services and so on. The thing here is that we study in a problem-based way, which helps us improve our teamwork skills with different people and learn more easily. Usually we also have presentations and projects but we are allowed to do some of them in our own way. This means that we can complete them as plays, acts, songs, whatever comes to your mind. It is a fun and non-ordinary way of doing it. One of my most memorable courses was the Finnish language course. There we studied only in Finnish (with some help in English) and we had different games to memorize some words or phrases. We had to make a tour for our Finnish teacher and our course mates in Finnish, which was a lot of fun; we made videos and recordings of our conversations and shared them with our course mates and the teacher. Studying at Lapland UAS is one amazing experience ;)

After I graduate I am planning to continue working in my current workplace and maybe also do the Master’s Degree here. I have been working since my second semester here. My first job was at SantaPark and it was a lot of fun. The second year I was working for a while as a cleaner and after that I became a safari guide at Safartica and this has been my favourite workplace. After the season in Safartica I worked in the planting business, planting pines and spruces in Finnish forests. And now I am back in Safartica. Being a guide in a tourism company helped me in some of my studies in that same area. My studies can provide me a possibility in almost any working area but it is focused on entrepreneurship. After graduation I would like to stay in Lapland. I do not know for how long, but I know that if it happens I will love it!

If you would like to have international, educational and most importantly fun experiences in your (study) life I would advise you to come over here and join us in the hometown of Santa Claus. And if you are interested in having more knowledge in experience design and hospitality management, why not join us.

- Boris Stoev -

Boris (1).jpg


Lapland UAS Tourism is the best choice

I really like the content of Tourism program at Lapland UAS.

My name is Nhu Quynh Nguyen (May) and I am studying Tourism in Rovaniemi.

First, I was studying in Vaasa UAS in Degree Program of Information Technology since I failed the entrance exam to study at Lapland UAS. After asking for consultancies from my mom and friends, I decided to change my major degree even though there was a tuition fee. I was considering between Lapland UAS and other UAS’s and chose Lapland UAS. I want to be involved in Tourism. Lapland UAS is famous for its degree program of Tourism and Rovaniemi is Santa Claus’s home town. I registered and went train to Rovaniemi to take the entrance exam again. Now I am a third-year student in the degree program of Tourism and Hospitality Management here.

I love Rovaniemi and Lapland UAS. I really like the content of Tourism program at Lapland UAS. There are more practice than just boring lectures. We experience study trips and learning in different places such as in Artikum museum, rather than normal classrooms. In addition, there are some projects such as Vappu -event or Gala project. In Gala project you can learn in practice to organize an event. The program in the third year is perfectly designed. You can learn so much about structure of a business, which I had no idea before. Although I came late for this year I really like it. You can imagine the whole picture of an enterprise in your mind through holistic course. 

Come here to join us! You will never regret for your decision of choosing Lapland UAS. 

- May Nguyen - 

Multicultural study environment grow your expertise

Beneath Arctic, Above Ordinary. This is the way I feel after studying here.

My name is Yen, I'm a 19 years old girl from Taipei, Taiwan. Many people may wonder why Finland? Why Rovaniemi? Well, I am going to tell you the story. 

The first time I been to Rovaniemi was on Christmas in 2014, when I was a high school exchange student in Joensuu. My family brought me to visit Santa, which was my first time to see the magical and lovely old man. This is how the magic happens: ‘Snowy, white, and hopeful’, this was my first impression to Rovaniemi. 

In the summer, I visited Rovaniemi again, which was very different from winter. There was nice weather, sunny and it was not so crowded with tourists. Rovaniemi is an amazing city, which secretly grew the dream in my heart, that this is the place where I want to spend some time. 

At the age of 18, I decided that I wanted to go back to Finland to study something that I truly love, at somewhere that I like, meaning, at the well-known country, which offers the best education in the world. I have always been a person who love travelling; therefore, tourism was my first choice. 

I wanted to know more about traveling and I dreamed that people would have nice traveling experience because of my expertise. The question was where should I choose to study? There were so many schools in Finland that I could choose. Oh yes, I remembered the hometown of Santa: the amazing city where you sometimes can see the magnificent dancing light show if you are lucky, the city with beautiful snow, Rovaniemi, where Lapland UAS is located. I started to search for the information about Lapland UAS, and applied to it in After few months, I got the invitation to take the exam in China and few months later, an email came in the late evening, saying: "Congratulations, you have been accepted to Lapland UAS". So, here I am. 

I truly feel the difference between my home country schools and Lapland UAS; it is in the way we are taught in class. Here, you are free to share your ideas, you're free to ask any questions, you're free to say anything out loud. Besides, we get a lot of chance to design our project, where you can discuss your innovative ideas with your classmates, and make your project happen. This is not just talking and writing theory on paper. This is the place where we actually make everything happen. 

Tourism industry is a multicultural working environment, and in Lapland UAS this is the perfect place for you to practice your future career and build your network. There are Finnish, Russian, Vietnamese, Icelandic, Canadian, Spanish, Italian, Bangladesh in our class so you can't find a better multicultural environment than here. 

We are also encouraged to do exchange abroad. You are able to see more about this world, study different things in different countries and broaden your horizon. We have many training periods during which you can try different jobs and different tasks to find out what you like to do in the future. You can develop the skills that you are good at. 

If you feel like this is exactly what you want to do and want to join us, get ready and hop on to this amazing journey, we are waiting for you here! 

Yen Lo, Taiwan

Studies in multicultural environment

I have made so many new good friends here.

My name is Li Jialun and I am from China.

What impressed me most about Rovaniemi was the amazing view. There are fresh air, clean lakes, beautiful forests and the Northern lights there. Every time I walk through the bridge, those stunning sceneries can ease my mind. Then the pressure gets lower and I feel extremely relaxed at that moment. I still remember the first time I saw the Northern lights, that was around two years ago. Before that, I only had seen them on social media, but still, when that really happened just in front of me, I was totally surprised and I felt I was so small under the wide sky.

When it comes to my studying environment, I have met so many good friends and teachers here. They have helped me a lot in different aspects especially during my first year when I was really shy and introvert. For me, it is also interesting to study in this multicultural environment. My friends who are from all over the world introduced me to different cultures and through these lovely interactions, I have learnt how to communicate in order to respect their cultures. I have also become more open-minded and easy-going.

Partying is also part of students’ life and it is a good way to meet more people. In Rovaniemi, there are many student events which are organized pretty well. I have participated in some of them and met many people like locals and exchange students. We laugh together and share each other’s stories; this is the best part of my memories as well. 

Come and study in Rovaniemi! 

- Li Jialun - 

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