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Studying with a practical focus

Practical training is an important part of Nursing program because through training students can learn the profession in practice and in real health care environment.

I am a Vietnamese girl and I am studying International Nursing program in Kemi, Finland. Choosing Finland as a studying abroad destination is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Finland has fulfilled all of my study requirements as well as expectation. For example, Finland has marvelous education system which is one of the best in the world and studying in Finland is affordable. Even though international students have to pay tuition fees, there are still opportunities for grants, tuition fee exemption and high possibility to find a job while studying.

While studying Nursing in Lapland UAS, I am able to approach different subjects with various studying methods and learning environments. There are usually theory lectures at first so that every student can acquire fundamental knowledge and principles. Then theories are converted into practice with simulation class and workshop.

It is grateful that students receive a great deal of support from school, Lapland UAS, in finding and arranging practical training places. Besides that, there are also some language courses such as Finnish, German or Spanish. This helps us to prepare ourselves to work in environments where not everyone can speak fluent English.

During my study time in Finland, I have a lot of help and support from school, teachers and friends. I have met a lot of international students and exchange students from all over the world. This gives me a better chance to get to know more about their countries, culture and hence, I have more respect and open-mindedness to other people.

While living in Lapland area, I have many opportunities to visit famous places such as Santa Clause village, Arctic Museum or Snow Castle. I can also participate in many activities like sauna, ice-skating, fly-fishing and other interesting activities organized by school or student union.

Studying in Lapland UAS and living in Finland are worthy experiences in my life. I can not only develop my professional skills but also enjoy the life and nature in this beautiful country.

Come, experience and enjoy your study life here!

Thao Le, Vietnam