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Nursing degree provides a profession that is always on demand

I didn’t really have much knowledge about Finland and what to expect but since I have been here I haven’t been disappointed and the school has met my expectations.

My name is Evelyne Fungai Chikukwa and I am a second-year nursing student studying at Lapland UAS. I’m from Zimbabwe. From childhood I have always wanted to be a nurse because I felt that the nursing profession helps people in ways you cannot do so as an ordinary person. Due to this when I heard from friends and other family members that Lapland UAS offered a nursing degree for international students I knew instantly that this school would be for me.

One of the reasons I chose Finland was because a lot of research has shown that Finland education is one of the best in the world. Also, Lapland UAS as a university offers affordable tuition for international students which is not the same compared to other European universities. Everyone in Lapland UAS seems to be nice and friendly, the lecturers, my classmates and other students. Everyone seems to be eager to help when you are in need of help so that you do not feel out of place.

The fact that the school takes in a small number of students in every group makes it easier for you as a student to get enough attention from your teachers and they can support you. Moreover, at school we do lot of group work, which helps in developing of our group dynamics for our future profession as nurses, since the nursing profession requires good teamwork skills.

I also think studying in a multi-cultural group helps you prepare for the future, since the nursing profession is highly diversified and you get to meet different people from different cultures with different needs and expectations. I also like that teachers at Lapland UAS are involved in students’ lives and they try to make our studies worthwhile by not focusing on the educational aspects but also on the social and emotional aspects. The school organizes a lot of events and fun activities for students so that they have a social life outside school. This way, students get refreshed occasionally so that when they come back to school their minds are not strained and they are well relaxed.

One good thing about the nursing profession is that it is always on demand due to fact that the healthcare system is always evolving. As a result, when you graduate you can easily get employment. Some, if not all, nursing students start working part time during their holidays. This helps students earn extra income, gain new work experience and prepare students for their future profession.

When I first came to Finland I experienced my fair share of cultural shock. With time, I have come to adjust due to the help of my teacher’s and friends and other students to the extent that I can safely say Kemi, Finland is now my home and I really like my experiences here.

I have learned many things ever since I came to Finland and this helps and motivates me to keep learning new things and highlight what I already know. I think studying in a foreign country challenges you to leave your comfort zone and help you to become a better person. For that reason, I would recommend to come and study in Lapland since I am enjoying and loving my experiences.

Although Kemi is a small town there is always a lot of things to do and as a student you can easily get by since everything is next to each other. Since Kemi is in the northern part of Finland the winter season has its own fun share of activities you can do, like ice-skating, swimming in the frozen lakes and visiting the snow castle, which is a very popular tourist attraction. For all those nature lovers you get to experience the beautiful forests in Kemi which are very refreshing and during the winter season you get to see the famous northern lights. You can also visit neighbouring cities such as Tornio and Rovaniemi.

Evelyne Fungai Chikukwa, Zimbabwe