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Lapland is area of endless possibilities!

Learning environments in Lapland UAS are inspiring; we have lectures, group work, simulations (role-plays in different cases), visits to health care institutions and so on. I like the most simulation because it makes the participants and audience to have a feel of reality when performing in those roles, and it makes you (the participant) to know more about what you know best and what needs improvements.

My name is Heath Nhandara, I am from Zimbabwe. Now you must wonder how in the earth I end up from Zimbabwe into Lapland?! Well, I had passion for nursing when I was still doing my High school education. Then I found out about Nursing education in Finland from my aunt in England, and then I chose to apply and considered Lapland University of Applied Sciences as part of my choices of University because I wanted to know and experience life and education in the 'Northern Factor'. I was not familiar with Lapland or Finland before applying for the school.

The subjects that I like the most are:
1. Anatomy and Physiology because it’s a course that makes me have a better appreciation/ understanding of the human body and diseases associated. It also helps a student to come to know what kind of diet is suitable to keep oneself in good shape both inside and outside. You learn the best methods to live a healthy life and prevent certain diseases that come because of a sedentary lifestyle. Actually, in this course you can learn that there are many different factors related to healthy life.

2. Fundamentals of Nursing and Nursing Interventions, I like this course because it gives a student (layperson) the basics and basic hand skills, nursing interventions that health care professionals can include in the nursing care of the patient(s). It also teaches a nursing student to view a patient a whole (holistic approach), not just the disease of problem being dealt with.

Nursing is a profession that really offers many opportunities in terms of employment as the health care needs are increasing every day. It also gives a leeway for career growth/advancement in research and development as these impacts on the wellbeing of the society at a global scale. It also gives opportunities to learn in a multi-cultural environment where you get to know more about different nationalities and different cultures, which can also be a good preparatory environment to break a new ground by working anywhere in the world without fear of cultural barriers and/shock.

Studying in International Nursing degree programme gets me exposed to a multi-cultural setup, hence built confidence and strength to work with anyone as one of the learning methods (group work) thrives to develop teamwork and not individualism. Lapland University of Applied Sciences is in Finland, a country ranked amongst the top 5 countries with best education. So getting a Lapland UAS degree qualification, I will be already a “hot cake”; the global market is already waiting for me. I am sure my studies will help me in my future. Lapland UAS thrives to groom competent graduates who are equipped in every sphere of the nursing care, research and development.

Lapland UAS gives room to students to be in control of their studies. It promotes independence, which makes students to develop a sense of responsibility that is a key element in the nursing profession. Lapland UAS is an environment that fosters growth and development in one's career path as well as in life in general. Other thing I like about Lapland UAS is that is located in the northern parts of Finland where the environment is quiet and peaceful. 

- Heath Nhandara, Nursing student