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Study with the Arctic view

The most substantial study resources provided by Lapland UAS.

I am Chinese, an international school ambassador and I am studying in Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing at Lapland UAS in Kemi.

The partner school connection between China and Finland made me be the lucky one to study in this school. In our study place, we have different kind of studying facilities, including school libraries, simulation room and language courses that help us to improve our professional knowledge, plan our study process and get to know the world.

During study years, I am able to go exchange in other European countries for studying or training period. Before I go to exchange I can get the chance to learn the local cultures and different languages through an elective course. Our school have organized colourful multiculture activies to help us to get familiar with the new environment and enjoy our free time.

As school studying method is in small groups, each student is taken good care of, both in studies and in student’s life. Teachers are patient and helpful, they always are there to help us.

While studying in Lapland area, one is able to witness the colorful northern lights, travel around the whole Scandinavia area and get the chance to experience the best education in the world. Come and study with the Arctic view in Lapland UAS!

Xing Qianni, China