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Come and experience the best education and nature

I chose to study in Finland because it has one of the best educational system in the world with top notch lecturer. I got more than I was looking for and my life has got more interesting since I came to Finland. In Lapland UAS the lecturers are always eager to help academically and psychologically, they attend to the needs of student and give assistance promptly.

My name is Olayiwola Olabisi Rukayat. I am from Nigeria and I am currently studying Nursing in Lapland university of Applied sciences in Kemi.

School has made the practical training very easy because they look for you a hospital for the job placement unlike other UAS do in Finland. The school gives chances for adequate Finnish language skills in order to communicate effectively during the practical training.
Lapland UAS gives everything that is needed to succeed as a nursing student, activities in the workshop regularly and stimulation area prepares me for working professionally in the future.
Also, I have gained lots of knowledge. For example, working as a group/team. Respecting and understanding each individual's cultural belief, values and also building a very good interpersonal relationship with everyone now and during work-life in future.

Kemi is a tourism city, for this reason people in the city are very accommodating and welcoming. In addition, I am very delighted that I am living in the same region with Santa Claus!
There are so many activities to perform during winter like ice-skating, ice-fishing, going to sauna and also the possibility of seeing northern lights; they are very beautiful :)

I have acquired more confidence in myself for choosing Lapland UAS as my school and I believe my future will be great because I am in the best university in Finland. Come and experience the best education and nature.