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Studying with a practical focus

Practical training is an important part of Nursing program because through training students can learn the profession in practice and in real health care environment.

I am a Vietnamese girl and I am studying International Nursing program in Kemi, Finland. Choosing Finland as a studying abroad destination is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Finland has fulfilled all of my study requirements as well as expectation. For example, Finland has marvelous education system which is one of the best in the world and studying in Finland is affordable. Even though international students have to pay tuition fees, there are still opportunities for grants, tuition fee exemption and high possibility to find a job while studying.

While studying Nursing in Lapland UAS, I am able to approach different subjects with various studying methods and learning environments. There are usually theory lectures at first so that every student can acquire fundamental knowledge and principles. Then theories are converted into practice with simulation class and workshop.

It is grateful that students receive a great deal of support from school, Lapland UAS, in finding and arranging practical training places. Besides that, there are also some language courses such as Finnish, German or Spanish. This helps us to prepare ourselves to work in environments where not everyone can speak fluent English.

During my study time in Finland, I have a lot of help and support from school, teachers and friends. I have met a lot of international students and exchange students from all over the world. This gives me a better chance to get to know more about their countries, culture and hence, I have more respect and open-mindedness to other people.

While living in Lapland area, I have many opportunities to visit famous places such as Santa Clause village, Arctic Museum or Snow Castle. I can also participate in many activities like sauna, ice-skating, fly-fishing and other interesting activities organized by school or student union.

Studying in Lapland UAS and living in Finland are worthy experiences in my life. I can not only develop my professional skills but also enjoy the life and nature in this beautiful country.

Come, experience and enjoy your study life here!

Thao Le, Vietnam

Nursing degree provides a profession that is always on demand

I didn’t really have much knowledge about Finland and what to expect but since I have been here I haven’t been disappointed and the school has met my expectations.

My name is Evelyne Fungai Chikukwa and I am a second-year nursing student studying at Lapland UAS. I’m from Zimbabwe. From childhood I have always wanted to be a nurse because I felt that the nursing profession helps people in ways you cannot do so as an ordinary person. Due to this when I heard from friends and other family members that Lapland UAS offered a nursing degree for international students I knew instantly that this school would be for me.

One of the reasons I chose Finland was because a lot of research has shown that Finland education is one of the best in the world. Also, Lapland UAS as a university offers affordable tuition for international students which is not the same compared to other European universities. Everyone in Lapland UAS seems to be nice and friendly, the lecturers, my classmates and other students. Everyone seems to be eager to help when you are in need of help so that you do not feel out of place.

The fact that the school takes in a small number of students in every group makes it easier for you as a student to get enough attention from your teachers and they can support you. Moreover, at school we do lot of group work, which helps in developing of our group dynamics for our future profession as nurses, since the nursing profession requires good teamwork skills.

I also think studying in a multi-cultural group helps you prepare for the future, since the nursing profession is highly diversified and you get to meet different people from different cultures with different needs and expectations. I also like that teachers at Lapland UAS are involved in students’ lives and they try to make our studies worthwhile by not focusing on the educational aspects but also on the social and emotional aspects. The school organizes a lot of events and fun activities for students so that they have a social life outside school. This way, students get refreshed occasionally so that when they come back to school their minds are not strained and they are well relaxed.

One good thing about the nursing profession is that it is always on demand due to fact that the healthcare system is always evolving. As a result, when you graduate you can easily get employment. Some, if not all, nursing students start working part time during their holidays. This helps students earn extra income, gain new work experience and prepare students for their future profession.

When I first came to Finland I experienced my fair share of cultural shock. With time, I have come to adjust due to the help of my teacher’s and friends and other students to the extent that I can safely say Kemi, Finland is now my home and I really like my experiences here.

I have learned many things ever since I came to Finland and this helps and motivates me to keep learning new things and highlight what I already know. I think studying in a foreign country challenges you to leave your comfort zone and help you to become a better person. For that reason, I would recommend to come and study in Lapland since I am enjoying and loving my experiences.

Although Kemi is a small town there is always a lot of things to do and as a student you can easily get by since everything is next to each other. Since Kemi is in the northern part of Finland the winter season has its own fun share of activities you can do, like ice-skating, swimming in the frozen lakes and visiting the snow castle, which is a very popular tourist attraction. For all those nature lovers you get to experience the beautiful forests in Kemi which are very refreshing and during the winter season you get to see the famous northern lights. You can also visit neighbouring cities such as Tornio and Rovaniemi.

Evelyne Fungai Chikukwa, Zimbabwe

Study with the Arctic view

The most substantial study resources provided by Lapland UAS.

I am Chinese, an international school ambassador in 2018, and I am studying in Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing at Lapland UAS in Kemi.

The partner school connection between China and Finland made me be the lucky one to study in this school. In our study place, we have different kind of studying facilities, including school libraries, simulation room and language courses that help us to improve our professional knowledge, plan our study process and get to know the world.

During study years, I am able to go exchange in other European countries for studying or training period. Before I go to exchange I can get the chance to learn the local cultures and different languages through an elective course. Our school have organized colourful multiculture activies to help us to get familiar with the new environment and enjoy our free time.

As school studying method is in small groups, each student is taken good care of, both in studies and in student’s life. Teachers are patient and helpful, they always are there to help us.

While studying in Lapland area, one is able to witness the colorful northern lights, travel around the whole Scandinavia area and get the chance to experience the best education in the world. Come and study with the Arctic view in Lapland UAS!

Xing Qianni, China

Come and experience the best education and nature

I chose to study in Finland because it has one of the best educational system in the world with top notch lecturer. I got more than I was looking for and my life has got more interesting since I came to Finland. In Lapland UAS the lecturers are always eager to help academically and psychologically, they attend to the needs of student and give assistance promptly.

My name is Olayiwola Olabisi Rukayat. I am from Nigeria and I am currently studying Nursing in Lapland university of Applied sciences in Kemi.

School has made the practical training very easy because they look for you a hospital for the job placement unlike other UAS do in Finland. The school gives chances for adequate Finnish language skills in order to communicate effectively during the practical training.
Lapland UAS gives everything that is needed to succeed as a nursing student, activities in the workshop regularly and stimulation area prepares me for working professionally in the future.
Also, I have gained lots of knowledge. For example, working as a group/team. Respecting and understanding each individual's cultural belief, values and also building a very good interpersonal relationship with everyone now and during work-life in future.

Kemi is a tourism city, for this reason people in the city are very accommodating and welcoming. In addition, I am very delighted that I am living in the same region with Santa Claus!
There are so many activities to perform during winter like ice-skating, ice-fishing, going to sauna and also the possibility of seeing northern lights; they are very beautiful :)

I have acquired more confidence in myself for choosing Lapland UAS as my school and I believe my future will be great because I am in the best university in Finland. Come and experience the best education and nature.

Vieraalla kielellä opiskelua ei kannata pelätä

karuselli Johanna Kristo suorakulmio.jpg
Peruskielitaito riittää aluksi ja opiskellessa oppii koko ajan lisää. Suosittelen suomalaisiakin hakeutumaan englanninkielisiin opintoihin, koska kielitaidosta on hyötyä myös kotimaassa siinä vaiheessa, kun hakeutuu töihin.

Sairaanhoitajan ammatti on ollut minulle kutsumus. Olen muista töistä aina palannut takaisin hoitotyön pariin. Henkilökohtaisella tasolla se tuntuu tärkeältä ja muu työ, niin merkityksellistä kuin se onkin, tuntuu tyhjältä ja vähemmän tärkeältä. Minulle mielekästä on toisen ihmisen auttaminen, ja saan siitä ammatillista tyydytystä. Yläasteajoista lähtien olen tehnyt vapaaehtoistyötä ihmisten parissa ja se on johdattanut minut hoitoalalle. Sosiaalisen luonteeni takia ihmisten kanssa työskentely tuntuu omalta. Suomessa opin kaikki asiat kahdella kielellä, sillä käytännön harjoittelussa käytän suomea suomalaisten potilaiden ja hoitajien kanssa, ja koulussa opin kaiken englanniksi. Opiskelu tuntui aluksi vaikealta, mutta englantiin opiskelukielenä tottui aika nopeasti. Yksin ei ole tarvinnut koskaan jäädä kielitaidonkaan vuoksi, koska meillä Kemissä opiskelijatoiminta on aktiivista. Opiskelu monikulttuurisessa ryhmässä on antoisaa, opettavaista ja mukavaa. Olen luokkani ainoa suomalainen.

Vieraalla kielellä opiskelua ei kannata pelätä. Peruskielitaito riittää aluksi ja opiskellessa oppii koko ajan lisää. Jos on tavoitteena lähteä ulkomaille töihin, englanninkielisellä tutkinnolla se on huomattavasti helpompaa, kun kielitaito on kehittynyt opiskeluiden aikana. Suosittelisin suomalaisiakin hakeutumaan englanninkielisiin opintoihin, koska kielitaidosta on hyötyä myös kotimaassa siinä vaiheessa, kun hakeutuu töihin. Halusin ehdottomasti alalle, josta voi työllistyä, joten sairaanhoitoala oli myös sen takia hyvä valinta. Olen tehnyt koko opiskeluajan sijaisuuksia ja keikkoja vanhainkodeissa ja kotihoidossa.

Sairaanhoitajan koulutusohjelmaan sisältyy kursseja liittyen anatomiaan, fysiologiaan, lääkehoitoon sekä kaikenikäisten ihmisten hoitotyöhön eri osastoilla. Oppiminen on tapahtunut luennoilla, ryhmätöillä, esseillä ja esitelmillä. Suurin ja tärkein osa oppimisesta tapahtuu kuitenkin harjoitteluissa. Esimerkiksi kanylointia ei voi opetella kirjasta lukemalla, vaan harjoittelemalla oikeiden potilaiden kanssa. Meillä on loistavat mahdollisuudet Lapin AMKissa suorittaa harjoittelut myös ulkomailla. Olen itse suunnitellut Keniaa tai Intiaa, mutta en ole vielä lähettänyt papereita eteenpäin.
Sairaanhoitajan koulutus antaa loistavat valmiudet työelämää varten. Opintokokonaisuudet ovat käytännönläheisiä, hyödyllisiä, mielenkiintoisia ja sisältävät teoriaopintojen lisäksi paljon ryhmätöitä ja käsillä tekemistä.

Haaveissani on ollut järjestötyöskentely ulkomaiden katastrofialueilla, esimerkiksi Punaisen Ristin kautta. Englanninkielinen sairaanhoitajaksi opiskelu on yksi askel eteenpäin tässä tavoitteessa. Olen sitä mieltä, että kaiken voi saavuttaa, jos on valmis tekemään töitä haaveidensa eteen.

- Johanna Kristo, Nursing

Haaveena sairaanhoitajan työt suomen ulkopuolella

Haastattelukuva Henna Merenheimo (nursing).jpg
Opintojen suorittaminen englanniksi takaa hyvät mahdollisuudet työllistyä myös Suomen ulkopuolella.

Olen aina halunnut työskennellä terveydenhuollon parissa ja koin, että sairaanhoitajan työ saattaisi sopia minulle, sillä saisin työskennellä ihmisten parissa ja alalla varmasti riittäisi töitä. Opintojen suorittaminen englanniksi takaa hyvät mahdollisuudet työllistyä myös Suomen ulkopuolella ja tulevaisuudessa haluaisinkin suunnata ulkomaille töihin ainakin joksikin aikaa. Tämän vuoksi valitsin englannin kielisen koulutuksen suomenkielisen sijaan ja olen aiemminkin opiskellut englanniksi lukion vaihtovuoden aikana Yhdysvalloissa. Lapin AMKiin päädyin opiskelemaan oikeastaan sen vuoksi, että se sopi sijainniltaan parhaiten sen hetkiseen elämäntilanteeseeni. Lukion kävin Torniossa, joten muutto Kemiin opintojen perässä oli helppoa ja asunnot olivat paljon halvempia kuin Etelä-Suomessa.

Tähänastinen opiskelu on ollut mielestäni yllättävän helppoa. Odotin tiukkaa ja kiireistä aikataulua, mutta kursseja ei ole ollut kauhean paljoa, sillä opintoihin on kuulunut myös itsenäistä opiskelua. Opintojen alkaessa syksyllä ei ollut niin paljoa alaan liittyviä kursseja vaan enemmänkin kursseja jotka liittyivät ryhmähengen nostattamiseen ja Suomen kulttuurin oppimiseen. Lisäksi opiskelu koostui paljolti perusopinnoista, joihin kuului muun muassa kieliopinnot (suomi, ruotsi ja englanti). Pääsimme kuitenkin joulun aikaan jo yhdellä kurssilla harjoittelemaan toisillamme yksinkertaisia sairaanhoidon toimenpiteitä. Kevätlukukaudella opinnot ovat olleet enemmän alaan liittyviä kuten esimerkiksi anatomy & physiology, internal medicine ja lääkelaskuja. Mitä pidemmälle opinnoissa mennään, sitä enemmän on alaan liittyviä opintoja.

Opinnoissa on paljon ryhmä- ja paritöitä kontaktituntien lisäksi. Lukujärjestyksessä on myös itsenäistä opiskelua. Haastavinta opinnoissa on ollut se, että uutta opiskeltavaa asiaa on paljon ja eri lähteistä on osattava suodattaa vain se tarpeellinen tieto. Mukavinta puolestaan on ollut uuden oppiminen ja tekeminen sekä erilaiset simulaatio ja harjoittelutilanteet koulussa. Verikokeiden otto, rokotusten ja kanyylin laitto luokkakavereille on ollut ehdottomasti mieleenpainuva ja eräs parhaista kokemuksista Lapin AMKissa.

Vaikka lähteekin opiskelemaan englanninkielellä, niin omasta englannista ei kannata olla huolissaan. Mielestäni perusenglannilla pärjää jo pitkälle ja aina voi kysyä jos ei ymmärrä. Luokallani on reilu 20 oppilasta ja heistä vain kaksi puhuu englantia äidinkielenään. Kaikki tekevät virheitä, mutta niistä ei kannata olla huolissaan. Opettajat ovat pääsääntöisesti suomalaisia, joten heidänkään äidinkielensä ei ole englanti ja aina on mahdollisuus kysyä asioita myös suomeksi. Opiskeltaessa englanniksi sanavarasto karttuu koko ajan ja kielen käyttäjänä tulee entistä itsevarmemmaksi ajan myötä. Ensimmäiset esitelmät englanniksi voivat luonnollisesti jännittää mutta on hyvä muistaa, että kaikki ovat täällä oppimassa ja kukaan ei ole seppä syntyessään.

Suosittelisin nursing – opintoja muille, sillä opintojen jälkeen työllistymismahdollisuudet ovat hyvät sekä Suomessa että ulkomailla. Opiskeltaessa englanniksi ammattisanaston oppii kahdella kielellä (omalla äidinkielellä sekä englanniksi) ja se on vaan etu työnhaussa. Opinnot ovat suhteellisen nopeat (3,5 vuotta), eikä alalta tule työt loppumaan.

Nursing – koulutusohjelman valintakokeisiin sisältyi kirjallinen osuus mikä koostui matemaattisista ja henkilökohtaisista kysymyksistä sekä paikanpäällä jaettuun aineistoon pohjautuvista kysymyksistä. Kirjallisen osuuden lisäksi minun aikanani oli ryhmähaastattelu. Itse kävin valintakokeeni Lontoossa ja mielestäni vaikeinta oli erottua joukosta ryhmähaastattelusta muiden hakijoiden ollessa englantia äidinkielenään puhuvia. Kirjallinen osuus oli huomattavasti helpompi.

Ennen valintakoetta kannattaa perehtyä valmiiksi alan opintoihin sekä yleisiin työnkuviin. Lisäksi perusmatemaattisia muuntolaskuja on hyvä hieman kerrata. Mielestäni nursing- valintakokeeseen ei tarvitse sinänsä valmistautua kuukausia etukäteen kuten moniin muihin valintakokeisin. Minun mielestäni valintakokeisiin valmistautumisessa tärkeintä on lepo, ei tule stressata liikaa vaan pitää muistaa levätä ja tehdä myös itselleni mieluisia asioita.

Henna Merenheimo, Nursing

Studying nursing in Kemi

Xu Mengyang.jpg
The best in Lapland UAS are the rich and colorful free time activities arranged by our school.

I come from China and I am studying for a bachelor’s degree in Nursing at Lapland UAS in Kemi.

I am really glad that I got the chance to come to study at Lapland UAS. In our campus in Kemi all kinds of studying facilities in the field of nursing are available, and the school library provides excellent literature resources.

Teachers are very friendly and whenever I need help there will always be some warm hands to assist me. Because of the studying method in small groups, the teachers are able to support student individually.

The best in Lapland UAS, however, are the rich and colorful free time activities arranged by our school. Every year there are two or three big celebrations which bring all the Lapland UAS students together and share happiness.

The reason why I chose nursing are the wonderful job prospects. Nowadays there is a great need for nurses all around the world and I’m sure after my education here I can find a job easily.

If you are seeking for a great studying environment and get along within Finnish culture I warmly recommend that you should come to Lapland.

Xu Mengyang, China

Lapland is area of endless possibilities!

Learning environments in Lapland UAS are inspiring; we have lectures, group work, simulations (role-plays in different cases), visits to health care institutions and so on. I like the most simulation because it makes the participants and audience to have a feel of reality when performing in those roles, and it makes you (the participant) to know more about what you know best and what needs improvements.

My name is Heath Nhandara, I am from Zimbabwe. Now you must wonder how in the earth I end up from Zimbabwe into Lapland?! Well, I had passion for nursing when I was still doing my High school education. Then I found out about Nursing education in Finland from my aunt in England, and then I chose to apply and considered Lapland University of Applied Sciences as part of my choices of University because I wanted to know and experience life and education in the 'Northern Factor'. I was not familiar with Lapland or Finland before applying for the school.

The subjects that I like the most are:
1. Anatomy and Physiology because it’s a course that makes me have a better appreciation/ understanding of the human body and diseases associated. It also helps a student to come to know what kind of diet is suitable to keep oneself in good shape both inside and outside. You learn the best methods to live a healthy life and prevent certain diseases that come because of a sedentary lifestyle. Actually, in this course you can learn that there are many different factors related to healthy life.

2. Fundamentals of Nursing and Nursing Interventions, I like this course because it gives a student (layperson) the basics and basic hand skills, nursing interventions that health care professionals can include in the nursing care of the patient(s). It also teaches a nursing student to view a patient a whole (holistic approach), not just the disease of problem being dealt with.

Nursing is a profession that really offers many opportunities in terms of employment as the health care needs are increasing every day. It also gives a leeway for career growth/advancement in research and development as these impacts on the wellbeing of the society at a global scale. It also gives opportunities to learn in a multi-cultural environment where you get to know more about different nationalities and different cultures, which can also be a good preparatory environment to break a new ground by working anywhere in the world without fear of cultural barriers and/shock.

Studying in International Nursing degree programme gets me exposed to a multi-cultural setup, hence built confidence and strength to work with anyone as one of the learning methods (group work) thrives to develop teamwork and not individualism. Lapland University of Applied Sciences is in Finland, a country ranked amongst the top 5 countries with best education. So getting a Lapland UAS degree qualification, I will be already a “hot cake”; the global market is already waiting for me. I am sure my studies will help me in my future. Lapland UAS thrives to groom competent graduates who are equipped in every sphere of the nursing care, research and development.

Lapland UAS gives room to students to be in control of their studies. It promotes independence, which makes students to develop a sense of responsibility that is a key element in the nursing profession. Lapland UAS is an environment that fosters growth and development in one's career path as well as in life in general. Other thing I like about Lapland UAS is that is located in the northern parts of Finland where the environment is quiet and peaceful. 

- Heath Nhandara, Nursing student

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