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Develop yourself in several spheres

The degree of International Business is a unique combination of theory and practice, which consists of 3,5 years of study

It is a great opportunity to not only try your knowledge but also understand how to do something in practice as well as understand the reasons behind the processes that you are doing. As a future BBA, I think it is important to be both effective and flexible in different situations because the world of business never stops for anyone and you should be able to adapt to the changes quickly. That’s why the program of international Business is a good choice, because you always challenge yourself.

When I was applying for a study place, Lapland University of Applied Sciences wasn’t of my first choice; however, later I realized that Lapin AMK IS actually an excellent alternative.

As for the lectures, they are practical, that’s why 1,5 hour runs very quickly; when you are busy doing something, time flies by faster and you always have some progress. Besides, some of the courses are more understandable and fascinating than the others, because sometimes, it takes time to understand what is needed from you; like in Financial Management, for instance.

In the first semester of my studies, we had many lectures – it’s understandable, because we should learn the basics first in order to move forward. However, now there is lots of group work and projects. To my mind, working in a group is the best! If the team is good enough, together we can reach greater success than studies, free-choice electives and for your own hobbies. each individually. By the way, teachers here are always eager to help at any time of the day, and there is much time for self-studies, free-choice electives and for your own hobbies.

I would recommend The International Business degree to others, because it gives you an opportunity to develop yourself in several spheres such as Marketing, Project Management, Accounting or Business Law. Personally, I want to combine business and law in my future job.

- Maria Khabieva, IB’15 -

I Recommend International Business Degree to All

haastattelukuva_Marni Nattestad.JPG
Studying in International Business degree programme you get a very wide picture about the business world.

Applying for Degree programme in International Business was the first choice for me. I wanted to have a higher educational level and more theoretical knowledge, this degree program enables me to have it all.

From my studies I remember the most the courses about cross-cultural communication, event planning and how to become an entrepreneur. Currently I work in a big international company where cross-cultural skills are essential. We have suppliers from all over the world the biggest are from America and Asia, our company has received good feedback about our good communicational skills. I think projects and group work assignments were very beneficial, I learned what it means to have a good teamwork skills and how to share the workload.

One of my favorite courses was about entrepreneurship, with my class mates we established an actual company, made a business plan and researched its possible commercial markets and opportunities. We choose target group for our products and made a marketing plan for all the chosen marketing channels. We didn’t learn theory just because of formal reasons, everything was applied in practice and working life as well. Reading the books and learning from that is not my strength, I really appreciate the various opportunities that the Lapland University of Applied Sciences provides. The learning process can proceed by attending the lectures and listening, reading, discussing in the group and using example “Problem Based Learning”-tools. That kind of learning environment is the most suitable for me.

Studying in International Business degree programme you get a very wide picture about the ‘business world’. When doing the practical training which is part of the studies you really get deeper understanding about working life and that also gives you a very good opportunity to create networks for the future. Networking is essential even though you would graduate with the best papers. With good networks you will have many doors open. However, I believe the right attitude is what it matters at the end. If you are motivated and active with your personal initiative approach, everything will work out the right way.

I recommend International Business degree to all. It gives you a wide range of employment opportunities. You can become an expert example in financial management or marketing. You will also strengthen your Business-English skills and gain self-confidence communicating in different languages.

- Marni Nattestad, BBA-International Business -

From Lapland UAS into a Sales Manager

Heli Huhanantti by Hayden Lloyd Photography.jpg
I recommend the business degree in Lapland UAS for those who want to gain practical know-how and who want to study in an international environment.

My name is Heli Huhanantti and I was born and raised in Rovaniemi. I enjoy living in the North and at the moment, I work as a Sales Manager for Arktikum Service Co. I take care of the sales and marketing in Arktikum Museum & Science Centre and in Korundi House of Culture.

Before applying for the business degree at Lapland University of Applied Sciences, I had been studying and working for many years. I was looking for something new and was especially interested in studying in English. The Innovative Business Services study program sounded interesting for me, and, therefore, I decided to apply to Lapland UAS.

Project management, cross-border culture/business as well as the law courses interested me the most! I also liked marketing and entrepreneurship-related lessons, because they were useful for my career.

Among the lectures and basic group works I attended, mainly I enjoyed tackling real-life cases and projects, in which I had a chance to participate. I gained valuable experience and contacts while studying.

I appreciate the knowledge I got in the degree. I recommend the business degree in Lapland UAS for those who want to gain practical know-how and who want to study in an international environment. The programme gives you as much as you are willing to invest in it. Motivation and working hard pays off!

Even though I cannot predict the future and my career path may change, I am happy with what I am doing right now. The study programme and the contacts I gained during the studies helped me in my career progression for sure.

Picture is taken by Hayden Lloyd Photography

- Heli Huhanantti, IBS -

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