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Lapland UAS is the study place for you to challenge yourself

Shen Junjie moved here from China to study IBS in Lapland University of Applied Sciences. He wanted to tell about his experiences of studying in Lapland.

Studying for a business and management studies degree allows me to develop a broad understanding of business organizations and provides me with subject-specific knowledge in areas such as markets, customers, finance, operations, communication, information technology and business policy and strategy. I was strongly influenced by my family in my childhood, I found the interest to study because of my family business.

Arctic Circle region has large potential for young entrepreneur to create future career. Lapland UAS provides professional courses and lectures about Arctic Circle Business. Also Lapland UAS has enough experience to encourage Business students to develop future career and give reasonable suggestions.

Lapland is the famous destination for many International tourists as well as for Chinese tourists. Living in Lapland, I have more opportunities to learn hotel management and Tourism industry management. Rovaniemi is a city with beautiful nature, multicultural environment and International business environment. I would recommend this city as a study place because of its international tourism destination, home of Santa Claus, professional English degree studies and Art center of Lapland

I learnt many business skills from the multicultural environment. Lapland UAS has taught me how to be open minded, respect each other and different cultural communication skills. I have had markets communication, customer relationship management, project management, information technology and so on. Project is the main activities for us to apply our knowledge into business field. During the studies, we have many project works to exercise and improve our skills. Practice in working field is the most important activities for of IBS students. Lapland UAS knows the best studying process is when you work by yourself.

A course that really stayed in my mind is International Marketing Management - it is the first step for companies going global. I am studying IBS toward to be entrepreneur. International marketing knowledge will help me overcome many difficulties about globalization processes.

When we apply our knowledge into business field, we have to have strong confidence. For me, to clearly express my ideas and my opinions is difficult. I have to practice a lot about communication skills. Luckily, Lapland UAS teachers helps me do many training and practice. Learning communication skills has been the best part of my studies. The school has a multicultural environment and advanced teaching equipment.

If you are interested in Arctic Circle, Lapland UAS is the study place for you to challenge yourself. I would recommend my study field, if you are willing to be entrepreneur and want to have excellent working experience.

Tourism agency, hotel and activities center are places where I would like to work in after my studies. I would also like to apply master degree in Turku, in order to understand Finnish culture, I want to have more studying experience in the south of Finland.

-Shen Junjie, IBS’13-

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