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My professional interest is in marketing

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Next week, I am going to graduate so I want to share with you guys my experience of studying and living in Rovaniemi in 3,5 years.

Moi! I am Nhi Nguyen, a Vietnamese girl who studies International Business at Lapland UAS.

At the very beginning, Lapland UAS wasn’t my first choice of studying a Bachelor’s degree. However, it was a destiny that I could have the opportunity to study here. At the university, teachers and staff are very nice and helpful. They always facilitate your studies and whole-hearted instruct their students. There is no distance between the teachers and us. Besides, all the courses and knowledge are well-managed and up-to-date. At Lapland UAS, students have the chance to study exchange in another country and also do the internship in the third year. I feel so lucky that I didn’t miss those opportunities.

The period of studying International Business at Lapland UAS did help me a lot in my career path. I’ve built a basic foundation and developed my soft skills. In this major, I was taught many different subjects such as marketing, human resources, finance, business law, and so on. Hence, when studying here, students can take part in different courses in order to decide which one is the most suitable for them. And for me, I choose marketing as the field that I want to pursue in my career path. If you take your career planning seriously and put effort into it, you will get the job that you want after graduation. Hard work pays off!

If you are a nature-lover, Lapland is definitely an ideal destination for you. It has plenty of magnificent forests, lakes, and mountains to explore. In the winter, you can hunt the amazing Northern Lights dancing above the skies and capture these splendid moments that you will never forget. Also, you can join interesting winter sports such as skiing, ice skating, ice swimming, etc and experience Finnish traditional sauna in your spare time. Fortunately, every building of student housing has a sauna for people and it’s free!

As you know, people said that living in Finland is really cold and depressed. In my opinion, it’s just partly true. The weather is super cold but I love winter. And trust me, -20 degrees in Rovaniemi is still better than 45 degrees in my home country… In the period of living here, I’ve met lots of awesome friends. That’s one of the reasons why I had a very good time in Finland. I also had a Finnish roommate and we are still close friends until now. For me, Finns are a little bit shy but they are warm, sincere, and kindhearted.

Studying at Lapland UAS is one of the best decisions in my lifetime for sure. Thus, I wish you guys would also have wonderful experiences in Rovaniemi like me. Kiitos!

- Nhi Nguyen, R31D16S

Good internship opportunities are an asset

One of the fondest memories I have of my studies was the opportunity to work for the Consulate General of Finland in New York for half a year. Thanks to the amazing internship opportunities that our school provides, our students have so many possibilities to have these kinds of international experiences.

My name is Matti Hämäläinen and I am a third-year International Business student in Lapland UAS in Rovaniemi.

Before studying at Lapland UAS I was in the International Baccalaureate high school in Rovaniemi. During my high school years, I was always interested in economics, and I considered myself fairly proficient in different languages. I was looking for a field in which I could combine these two things, and to my good fortune, I discovered that there was an International Business degree program right here in my hometown. Almost all of our high school classes were also in English, which helped me to transition into the university of applied sciences.

The campus here in Rovaniemi has been really convenient for me. As a local, everything in this city is familiar and easy to reach for me, but also but I also feel that all the services here are very accessible to newcomers too. Rovaniemi is also a very international city, and our diverse student community means that it is easy to get many interesting and lifelong friends here during your studies. The arctic attractions like the northern lights, Santa Claus, and winter landscape have been part of my everyday routine for all my life, but it is very easy to see why newcomers to this area are so enchanted by them.

My favorite aspects of Lapland UAS have been our practical approach to learning, and excellent opportunities for internship and exchange. Working with real-life companies, our classes are primarily focused on practical issues. Usually, we work in groups in order to solve and discuss different issues that our business partners introduce to us. I find it very enjoying to actually help different people while also learning new things from it! The learning environment is also very enjoyable. The teachers have become very familiar to us students, and they are super easy to approach and understand.

One of the fondest memories I have of my studies was the opportunity to work for the Consulate General of Finland in New York for half a year. Thanks to the amazing internship opportunities that our school provides, our students have so many opportunities to have these kinds of international experiences. Besides my internship, I have also managed to work in other fields during my summer breaks. I have worked in the tourism field in the local camping ground, and as an accountant in the city’s hospital. While I don’t know what my plans are after graduation, I am certain that many potential employers will value the versatile International Business Administration degree.

I would recommend Lapland UAS for everyone who likes to challenge themselves in this international environment with practical learning experiences. If you find a degree program that is interesting to you and and are willing to challenge yourself in the cold climate, you are most welcome to join this school!

Matti, IB-student

A degree in International Business in English is a ticket for work at any business around the globe


Hello, I am Georgios Ioannou from Cyprus. After graduating from high school in Cyprus, I served my country’s military for two years. After my military service I moved to Australia where I worked and lived for another two years. Before leaving from Australia I decided that Finland especially Lapland was the next goal on my list, so while working as a Safari guide here in Rovaniemi I was also learning Finnish language to make myself feel comfortable around different culture and language.

A degree in International Business in English is a ticket for work at any business around the globe. Moreover, I have always wanted to become an entrepreneur, but I knew that a degree program in Business Administration would assist me to accomplish my dream.

I decided to come to study in Lapland UAS because while living and working in Rovaniemi, I had found out about International Business degree at Lapland UAS, so it felt like the right place to study.

The natural beauty, winter activities and opportunities in the Arctic were the main reasons why I decided to come to Lapland. I wanted to be close to nature, enjoy winter activities and Rovaniemi is a place where I can also develop myself and enhance my knowledge.

This place is affordable and easy for foreigners to find a job while studying and in my opinion, for studying, Rovaniemi is one of the best choices for students.

So far, the studying has been amazing to my opinion. The studies include for example Project Management, Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Law and Entrepreneurship. I have experienced a more practical way of studying which I enjoy. Studying in Lapland UAS consists everything like lectures, exercises, practical exercises, projects and work placements. The most enjoyable courses are when teachers let students alone to think and be creative. The learning environments are helpful for students.

I will never forget about Managing Business Project case that we had to create an actual seminar. I have learned a lot from that course especially how to be innovative.
Best in studies have been meeting new students especially from Erasmus program who studied with us in 2nd and 3rd year, so we have the possibility to make important contacts for the future concerning business.

Most likely I would like to work in sales, but I have also plans to become an entrepreneur in the near future.

For students I would say that be responsible, work in multicultural setting, take in account time management and be creative.

I would recommend Lapland because it is unique place especially for me as a Southern European citizen, if you want to take a different path than others and experience a more practical way of studying then Lapland UAS is your place.

I recommend Lapland UAS because you will study in an international environment and in a more practical way rather from books. Practice makes perfect! With International Business degree in English you can basically work anywhere around the globe.

Georgios Ioannou,  R31D17S

International Business all the way

Everything just felt right for me to come here!

This is Dili, student from International Business department, with love. Frankly speaking I wasn’t sure about if myself fit for business study until it started, it’s sort of feeling like you never tried one food before your entire life just because “you think you won’t like it”, then after you ate it you just wonder why haven’t you tried earlier.

So the love story between Lapland UAS and me started from a magical winter, I got a job offer from Rovaniemi and it was “let’s get it over with” trip by my first intention. However through the job as a salesperson, I started to enjoy the part that I could make a difference in selling, in order to sell good requires all-around skills, from marketing, cross culture communications and international sales, and I realize I needed education to get better, and I want to get better. Out of nowhere, I found Lapland UAS had this international business program, everything just felt right for me to come here.

Time flies when you having fun, indeed. First year went in a snap of fingers, all I can remember is all the laughter we had during school and the creative lesson we had. Had to mention about” problem based learning”, one of my favourite lesson of all time, students breaking barriers try to work together and solve the problem, and you will be surprised how much you changed after the study. Moreover, the teachers in school are professional and international; they are open to any question and willing to help you. I am very grateful for all the people I met and all the stories we shared, and it continues next autumn.

So if you one of those people with ambitious, willing to make a difference in your life, then international business all the way!

- Dilixiati Bolati,  International Business student