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Inner peace comes with the connection of nature

I have always been a determined and adventurous student.

Hello, my name is Nijah Roches. Studying in International Business abroad was the next logical step after completing my first two years of studies in Canada.

By learning and working with students from around the world, your communication, selfawareness, creativity and collaboration will translate into real-life skills that go beyond your degree.

During your time, you will learn what above the ordinary means when you discover the inner peace that connecting with nature brings to those who spend time in the exhilarating outdoors.

So if you want a truly unique experience that has no limits, then Lapland UAS is for you!

Nijah Roches, Business-student

International Business all the way

Everything just felt right for me to come here!

This is Dili, student from International Business department, with love. Frankly speaking I wasn’t sure about if myself fit for business study until it started, it’s sort of feeling like you never tried one food before your entire life just because “you think you won’t like it”, then after you ate it you just wonder why haven’t you tried earlier.

So the love story between Lapland AMK and me started from a magical winter, I got a job offer from Rovaniemi and it was “let’s get it over with” trip by my first intention. However through the job as a salesperson, I started to enjoy the part that I could make a difference in selling, in order to sell good requires all-around skills, from marketing, cross culture communications and international sales, and I realize I needed education to get better, and I want to get better. Out of nowhere, I found Lapin AMK had this international business program, everything just felt right for me to come here.

Time flies when you having fun, indeed. First year went in a snap of fingers, all I can remember is all the laughter we had during school and the creative lesson we had. Had to mention about” problem based learning”, one of my favourite lesson of all time, students breaking barriers try to work together and solve the problem, and you will be surprised how much you changed after the study. Moreover, the teachers in school are professional and international; they are open to any question and willing to help you. I am very grateful for all the people I met and all the stories we shared, and it continues next autumn.

So if you one of those people with ambitious, willing to make a difference in your life, then international business all the way!

- Dilixiati Bolati,  International Business student

Lapland UAS is the study place for you to challenge yourself

Shen Junjie moved here from China to study IBS in Lapland University of Applied Sciences. He wanted to tell about his experiences of studying in Lapland.

Studying for a business and management studies degree allows me to develop a broad understanding of business organizations and provides me with subject-specific knowledge in areas such as markets, customers, finance, operations, communication, information technology and business policy and strategy. I was strongly influenced by my family in my childhood, I found the interest to study because of my family business.

Arctic Circle region has large potential for young entrepreneur to create future career. Lapland UAS provides professional courses and lectures about Arctic Circle Business. Also Lapland UAS has enough experience to encourage Business students to develop future career and give reasonable suggestions.

Lapland is the famous destination for many International tourists as well as for Chinese tourists. Living in Lapland, I have more opportunities to learn hotel management and Tourism industry management. Rovaniemi is a city with beautiful nature, multicultural environment and International business environment. I would recommend this city as a study place because of its international tourism destination, home of Santa Claus, professional English degree studies and Art center of Lapland

I learnt many business skills from the multicultural environment. Lapland UAS has taught me how to be open minded, respect each other and different cultural communication skills. I have had markets communication, customer relationship management, project management, information technology and so on. Project is the main activities for us to apply our knowledge into business field. During the studies, we have many project works to exercise and improve our skills. Practice in working field is the most important activities for of IBS students. Lapland UAS knows the best studying process is when you work by yourself.

A course that really stayed in my mind is International Marketing Management - it is the first step for companies going global. I am studying IBS toward to be entrepreneur. International marketing knowledge will help me overcome many difficulties about globalization processes.

When we apply our knowledge into business field, we have to have strong confidence. For me, to clearly express my ideas and my opinions is difficult. I have to practice a lot about communication skills. Luckily, Lapland UAS teachers helps me do many training and practice. Learning communication skills has been the best part of my studies. The school has a multicultural environment and advanced teaching equipment.

If you are interested in Arctic Circle, Lapland UAS is the study place for you to challenge yourself. I would recommend my study field, if you are willing to be entrepreneur and want to have excellent working experience.

Tourism agency, hotel and activities center are places where I would like to work in after my studies. I would also like to apply master degree in Turku, in order to understand Finnish culture, I want to have more studying experience in the south of Finland.

-Shen Junjie, IBS’13-

From Lapland UAS into future business expert

Student story Nina Niskala02.jpg
By choosing Degree Programme in International Business you will learn the skills to work anywhere in the world in a multicultural environment, and also make lifetime friends who you will remember forever!

Hi! My name is Nina Niskala, born and raised here in Rovaniemi. At the moment I'm studying my third year in International Business and I got to say I have been really happy with my choice for place to study!

I recommend Degree Programme in International Business for everyone who are not afraid to challenge themselves. During the first year you will get a good knowledge base about working in international team, project work and accounting. After that during the second and third year you will adapt your skills into practice through several case studies in multicultural environment.

Another great way to develop yourself and get valuable working experience is by joining our student union InnoBarentsLab. My journey in IBL started back in fall semester 2015 with Give Back to Finland -project, which is a social entrepreneurship project aiming to encourage people to give back to the society, and also break the ice between foreigners and local older generation in this area. During that time I gained lot of new friends, and got to do things which I will always remember. Since then, I worked in various roles within IBL, and gained lot of practical experience through different projects. So I guess in my case, joining IBL really changes everything for me, because now when I look back at my study time (which is still not finished though) all my best experiences are somehow related to InnoBarentsLab.

So, if you choose to apply to study in Lapland UAS, you will also have the chance to join IBL and see for yourself how much you can accomplish already as a student. Not to mention the Lappish environment and great hospitable people are certainly the features you will notice if you move here. What I like the most about International Business is that even though I get to study in my home town, I have met lot of new friends from all over the world. Rovaniemi is becoming more and more international all the time, so student life here and possibly your future career will give you lifelong memories.

So take up on a new challenge and come to study in Lapland - unique environment with a lot of potential. Nähdään siellä!

–Nina Niskala, IB´14-

I Recommend International Business Degree to All

haastattelukuva_Marni Nattestad.JPG
Studying in International Business degree programme you get a very wide picture about the business world.

Applying for Degree programme in International Business was the first choice for me. I wanted to have a higher educational level and more theoretical knowledge, this degree program enables me to have it all.

From my studies I remember the most the courses about cross-cultural communication, event planning and how to become an entrepreneur. Currently I work in a big international company where cross-cultural skills are essential. We have suppliers from all over the world the biggest are from America and Asia, our company has received good feedback about our good communicational skills. I think projects and group work assignments were very beneficial, I learned what it means to have a good teamwork skills and how to share the workload.

One of my favorite courses was about entrepreneurship, with my class mates we established an actual company, made a business plan and researched its possible commercial markets and opportunities. We choose target group for our products and made a marketing plan for all the chosen marketing channels. We didn’t learn theory just because of formal reasons, everything was applied in practice and working life as well. Reading the books and learning from that is not my strength, I really appreciate the various opportunities that the Lapland University of Applied Sciences provides. The learning process can proceed by attending the lectures and listening, reading, discussing in the group and using example “Problem Based Learning”-tools. That kind of learning environment is the most suitable for me.

Studying in International Business degree programme you get a very wide picture about the ‘business world’. When doing the practical training which is part of the studies you really get deeper understanding about working life and that also gives you a very good opportunity to create networks for the future. Networking is essential even though you would graduate with the best papers. With good networks you will have many doors open. However, I believe the right attitude is what it matters at the end. If you are motivated and active with your personal initiative approach, everything will work out the right way.

I recommend International Business degree to all. It gives you a wide range of employment opportunities. You can become an expert example in financial management or marketing. You will also strengthen your Business-English skills and gain self-confidence communicating in different languages.

- Marni Nattestad, BBA-International Business -

Lapland UAS Location is Nice, It is not too far from the City Center and there are Beautiful Lakes nearby

johanna hespe.jpg
I like the equipment at Lapland UAS and I like the fact that there is many opportunities to relax and spend time

My name is Johanna Hespe and I’m from Germany. I chose to come to Lapland UAS and to Rovaniemi because I wanted to experience a country I had never been before. Also, the fact that there is a lot of snow and the darkness in winter seemed an interesting challenge to me. I wasn’t familiar with Lapland UAS or Lapland before I came here.

Teaching methods in Lapland UAS has been interesting. We have had lectures, group works and projects. Also, I am attending online classes on iLinc. I prefer lectures and sometimes group work, however depending on the group members and their abilities and liability.

I like the equipment at Lapland UAS and I like the fact that there is many opportunities to relax and spend time. In addition, the support by the people at Lapland UAS is really nice.

I would recommend coming to Lapland UAS because there is a great atmosphere to learn, especially if you are interested in an international environment.

I think that, as said before, the international environment will help me in my future as I have gained more intercultural abilities. The rather high amount of presentations during the semester will probably improve my presentation skills for the future.

Lapland UAS location is nice, it is not too far from the city center and there are beautiful lakes nearby. The building itself is also very modern. The fact that there are a lot of offices with people you can go to if there are any issues is also a very convenient thing. Besides, the library and the computer room positively affect the good study environment at Lapland UAS.

- Johanna Hespe -

Lapland UAS is a Great Opportunity for the Future

I think the educational system in Finland is really well organized, it provides lots of opportunities and options for students.

My name is Raivis Aire, I am born and raised in Latvia. I moved to Rovaniemi, Lapland two years ago when I got accepted into Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

Bachelor of International Business is one of the Lapland UAS international degree programmes. I think the educational system in Finland is really well organized, it provides lots of opportunities and options for students.

Studying in international programme and being part of multicultural study environment is a great benefit for myself in the future. International degree program allows me to build lifelong networks with people from all over the world. Being part of multicultural study environment I have learned a lot about different cultures. I also think that the teachers in the Lapland UAS are very open minded, flexible and supportive.

I like to live in Rovaniemi because it is a student friendly city. I think Rovaniemi is a good city, small and easy to get to know. From Latvia I miss the most my family and friends but otherwise I feel happy here in Lapland. In a future I am not sure yet where I will be located but if I would get a good job opportunity here in Lapland I would definitely stay here.

I am happy with the studies in Lapland UAS. With the project studies I feel especially motivated, I have already done several events for the school. Latest was the running competition Run Fun Rova, a playful competition open for all. It was a great success and I have received lots of good feedback from it. The Fun Run Rova gathered together international students from Lapland UAS and University of Lapland. Hopefully next year there will be also Finnish students and staff members participating it.

In Lapland UAS I like the most its flexibility. I appreciate the opportunities that the school provides, I can come into school early mornings and stay until late night if I want to. There are always computers, printers etc. what to use. I like that. If I could do one improvement to Lapland UAS I would provide more high protein meals in student’s restaurant, as a sportsman good nutrition is essential for me.

Greetings to all - Be brave and come to Lapland, it’s full of opportunities.

- Raivis Aire, IBS'13 -

From Lapland UAS into a Sales Manager

Heli Huhanantti by Hayden Lloyd Photography.jpg
I recommend the business degree in Lapland UAS for those who want to gain practical know-how and who want to study in an international environment.

My name is Heli Huhanantti and I was born and raised in Rovaniemi. I enjoy living in the North and at the moment, I work as a Sales Manager for Arktikum Service Co. I take care of the sales and marketing in Arktikum Museum & Science Centre and in Korundi House of Culture.

Before applying for the business degree at Lapland University of Applied Sciences, I had been studying and working for many years. I was looking for something new and was especially interested in studying in English. The Innovative Business Services study program sounded interesting for me, and, therefore, I decided to apply to Lapland UAS.

Project management, cross-border culture/business as well as the law courses interested me the most! I also liked marketing and entrepreneurship-related lessons, because they were useful for my career.

Among the lectures and basic group works I attended, mainly I enjoyed tackling real-life cases and projects, in which I had a chance to participate. I gained valuable experience and contacts while studying.

I appreciate the knowledge I got in the degree. I recommend the business degree in Lapland UAS for those who want to gain practical know-how and who want to study in an international environment. The programme gives you as much as you are willing to invest in it. Motivation and working hard pays off!

Even though I cannot predict the future and my career path may change, I am happy with what I am doing right now. The study programme and the contacts I gained during the studies helped me in my career progression for sure.

Picture is taken by Hayden Lloyd Photography

- Heli Huhanantti, IBS -

Develop yourself in several spheres

The degree of International Business is a unique combination of theory and practice, which consists of 3,5 years of study

It is a great opportunity to not only try your knowledge but also understand how to do something in practice as well as understand the reasons behind the processes that you are doing. As a future BBA, I think it is important to be both effective and flexible in different situations because the world of business never stops for anyone and you should be able to adapt to the changes quickly. That’s why the program of international Business is a good choice, because you always challenge yourself.

When I was applying for a study place, Lapland University of Applied Sciences wasn’t of my first choice; however, later I realized that Lapin AMK IS actually an excellent alternative.

As for the lectures, they are practical, that’s why 1,5 hour runs very quickly; when you are busy doing something, time flies by faster and you always have some progress. Besides, some of the courses are more understandable and fascinating than the others, because sometimes, it takes time to understand what is needed from you; like in Financial Management, for instance.

In the first semester of my studies, we had many lectures – it’s understandable, because we should learn the basics first in order to move forward. However, now there is lots of group work and projects. To my mind, working in a group is the best! If the team is good enough, together we can reach greater success than studies, free-choice electives and for your own hobbies. each individually. By the way, teachers here are always eager to help at any time of the day, and there is much time for self-studies, free-choice electives and for your own hobbies.

I would recommend The International Business degree to others, because it gives you an opportunity to develop yourself in several spheres such as Marketing, Project Management, Accounting or Business Law. Personally, I want to combine business and law in my future job.

- Maria Khabieva, IB’15 -

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