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Professional growth at Lapland UAS

I do not exactly know what made me come to Lapland UAS but today I feel very proud about the decision I made few years back.

It has been a long time since I graduated from Lapland University of Applied Sciences however the memories are still fresh. My name is Deepak KC and I come from Nepal. I started Bachelor Degree Program in Business Information Technology in the year 2006. I do not exactly know what made me come to Lapland UAS but today I feel very proud about the decision I made few years back.

Lapland UAS have provided me with an ample opportunity to master my skills in the field of information technology. The study environment, access to the latest technological innovations, friendly and inspiring instructors and small study groups helped me learn better in an international environment. Lapland UAS always tries to keep balance between the practical and theoretical aspects of computer and business studies. The courses are designed and regularly updated by considering the current technology trends and job market in the field of information technology. The practical training (as compulsory studies) is an opportunity for a student to demonstrate skills one has learned at Lapland UAS. It also opens the door to the professional career.

Being a part of Lapland UAS, both as a student and a lecturer for several years, I know the university very well. The teaching method is comprised of modern pedagogies and usage of different technologies, for example, Moodle learning environment to enhance the learning process. Teachers try their best to provide comprehensive study materials, assignments, team and project works that facilitate students’ learning and help them prepare for a better future. Student learning is continuously assessed and monitored during the course via assignments, exams and project works.

Lapland UAS has made a great impact on my career. It provided me with the best learning environment and proper guidance even after the graduation. It shaped my career and helped me to become the person I am today. Currently, I am holding a full time lecturer position at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences and doctoral position at University of Jyväskylä in the faculty of information technology.

I feel proud of being a part of the Lapland UAS and therefore I strongly recommend Lapland UAS to prospective students. If you prefer to learn in small multi-cultural groups with proper guidance and to have an access to the latest technologies, it can help you prepare for a better future in the field of business and information technology, then Lapland UAS is the right university of applied sciences to begin with.

-Deepak KC, Nepal, BIT-