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Lapland UAS is a good choice to study and improve yourself

I always had passion for technology and wanted to become an expert in technology.

My name is Duc Ngo. I am from Vietnam, which is one of the Southeast Asian countries. Firstly, I was a little bit confused when I passed the Entrance Exam because I have never left my country before. I was very worried about many things such as culture, people, education system, and so on. However, it is also a good opportunity for me to develop myself, as well as learning something new and different.

Currently, I am a second-year student at Lapland UAS and studying Business Information Technology in Tornio city. I am also an international school ambassador in 2018, so I think that I made the right decision when I came here.

In order to fulfill my goal, I know that I need to enrich my knowledge. That is the reason why I chose Lapland University of Applied Sciences. Besides that, I chose Lapland UAS not only the support system with scholarship up to 80% in the first year and 60% in next years, but also because international applied science, quality education, and international accredited degrees. Lapland UAS also gives me a chance to experience the multicultural and unique Scandinavia.

About my major, in the first year, I learned about the infrastructure and services of ICT. It gave me a glimpse of the necessary backgrounds in a digital environment, knowledge about Cloud computing, and some basic skill about teamwork, presentation skills, survival skills in Finland, etc. Then, I learned how to analyze a business environment to identify development opportunities and practical requirements for ICT solutions. I worked with a real company in Norway with my team to propose the most appropriate solution and identify the development opportunities. That was a great practical experience for me.

Now, I am studying about how to build the website with many IT languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and how to manage the database and it is also exciting.

The best things that I would like to say about Tornio is that the friendly and quietness. Tornio is a quiet city and peaceful, it is very safe and comfortable.

However, it is nice that people organize some festivals here, like international market, ice fishing, flea market, cultural evenings, and so on. Especially nice is that you can see the northern lights if you are lucky enough. It is so beautiful but it is cold at that time. Even the cold is an interesting experience, you should try it.

Duc Ngo, Vietnam