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How to prepare for the entrance exam and what to expect from the studies

I heard about the school from my friends. I wanted to study abroad and to study something relevant. That’s why I chose Business Information Technology – it included IT and business area that are so current these days.

My name is Wang Xiaoyue and I’m coming from China. Just a year ago I started my BIT studies at Lapland UAS in Tornio. As any other applicant I was anxious about the entrance exam and, having passed it, I was anxious about the beginning of the studies as well. I didn’t know what to expect and now, here I am, just finished the first year the learning process is running smoothly and I am not stressed anymore.

When I was preparing for the entrance exam, I did some practice on reading and math, I also tried to train my English harder, so that I would perform well in the discussion part of the exam. So, the exam consisted of the following: reading, mathematics and a group discussion. The easiest for me was to do the math; although, the reading part turned out to be more challenging, there you need to understand the vocabulary; and therefore, to the new applicants, I would advise to do some reading practice beforehand. In addition, if you are not a native English speaker, practice your English to be able to participate in the discussion.

After I received the acceptance letter, my first impulse was to have a good rest before the studies since I wanted to have enough energy for the challenge. To my surprise, the beginning was very smooth and relaxing and, actually, it was great! In the orientation week, I and my classmates received a set of information and our friendly tutors patiently guided us everywhere, and gave us very helpful tips. We also learned how to use Moodle and SoleOps, which are the Web-platforms where you save all of your study materials. Except for the school activities, once we had a barbeque party beside the river, it was quite something.

So far, I like the studies. We’ve had the basic computing skills, learning skills information, OS and hardware, servers and network, mathematics, system analysis and design, programming and Finnish for foreigners. By the way, Finnish is a compulsory course here, so no matter what, you will have to learn “terve” and “kiitos” J. Personally, I like mathematics and Finnish here, whereas programming seems a bit challenging for me.

I associate Tornio with piece, quietness and cleanliness. It really wins your favor, because nothing distracts you from your studies and you can work with your individual pace. The locals are very friendly and there, actually, is many international people living here. Tornio differs very much from my hometown in China.

So, if you are wondering whether you should come here or not, I will tell you that in Tornio you will learn about business as well as IT, which means you will have more opportunities to find a job in future; and moreover, you can pick one of the specializations and study it more deeply if you decide so, the school will provide you with everything you need.

- Xiaoyue Wang, BIT'15, Tornio -