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The learning process help you find your creativity

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I have been living here for over a year - enough time to find out why Finland has good education

Hello, my name is Lan Anh. I come from a country of rolling tropical hills and densely forested mountains: Vietnam. After finishing the exchange program in Korea one year ago, I returned to Vietnam with the nostalgia of international experience. As an Asian, I was accustomed to a generally tough education so I tried to bring myself to a place that is considered as the happiest country in the world and the world's most educated: to Finland. I have been living here for over a year - enough time to find out why Finland achieved that appellation.

I am sophomore at Lapland UAS, studying Business Information Technology in Tornio campus. Here, I have learned new and interesting things from the professional and experienced lecturers in the business and IT field. We have access to useful and up-to-date materials and we work with real company projects at the end of each semester, after learning the necessary knowledge for the future job.

We have learned the basic structure of software, hardware, operating systems, e-commerce, programming, business strategies as well as the way that IT operates in business. This way, students have the background to self-study and elevate knowledge by themselves. UAS Lapland students are equipped with the ability to self-study and self-research, and be creative as much as they want with the help of the professors.

I think one of the reasons why Finland is leading in terms of living environment as well as education is due to the respect, attention and enthusiasm of the teachers, the staff in the school and Finnish people who are my friends and neighbours. We do not have too many exercises or assignments, every lesson takes very few hours, but we have much time for independent work. The teachers know that we are not be able to absorb too much at once and that we get stressed, so they divide the necessary lessons in small sections for us to keep track logically.

Students are always welcome to social workers at the school, even the tutor teacher, who is always active and patiently listening to all our stories whether it is a study story or a personal story. They are also eager to help us unravel our troubles.

Learning here makes me more self-aware, know myself better and more creative, more open-minded due to the way the teachers always encourage us and respect my personal preferences and opinions. The teachers help me to recognize my mistakes rather than criticize me.

After each session, I have participated in many activities and events organized by students and student union. You will never get bored at this place if you are active and proactive in making friends, as so many international students, exchange students and Finnish students here are willing to keep company with you. If you worry about your English, we have the same problem, people will help you get better if you really want to improve it.

Living in Finland has helped me to recognize myself, helped me grow up every day and brought valuable lessons that I have never had in my life otherwise.

Lan Anh, Vietnam