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Business Information Technology

Never before I have enjoyed spending time in a library like in Lapland UAS, we are lying on beanbags while making homework


My name is Norbert Herczeg. I am an exchange student from University of Óbuda that has faculties in both Budapest and Székesfehérvár in Hungary. I am studying Business Information Technology in Tornio for 1 semester.

The reason why I chose to come to Lapland is that I wanted to experience a very different country and get to know the Scandinavian culture. In previous semesters, I was already involved with Erasmus because I had met quite a lot of exchange students and made many friends. In the end, I even became a kind of tutor for them in my faculty so I really wanted to experience it myself too. I can say that it has proven to be the right decision. Almost everyone speaks English here so I have never had trouble in everyday life when you go to the shop or bus station for example. All parts of the country have seemed to be generally clean, safe and ordered.

Lapland UAS is very well equipped. When you enter the university, you find yourself in a productive environment. I have never before enjoyed spending time in a library like here, we are lying on beanbags while making homework. How cool is that? I also really like the small class courses, it can be a lot more interactive and practice oriented because the teachers can focus us. The staff and teachers of the University are very friendly; I could solve all my problems in the matter of minutes. They really treat us as equals and it makes the time I spend at the university much more convenient. We have very friendly tutors that help us with any kind of questions that we have during our stay. Even though the polar nights with all that darkness can be challenging, we have a good community within international students’ so it is easy to make friends if you are open to that.

In some of the courses, I have learned things that improved my understanding in topics that I had already used in work. I have seen northern lights a couple of times, which was a unique experience that I will never forget. I am sure I will always tell stories about my time here and my experiences will be useful later in my personal and professional life too.

- Norbert Herczeg, BIT -