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Open University of applied sciences studies

Open University of Applied Sciences (Open UAS) students can study flexible through path studies in the group of degree programme students according to their timetables. Open studies have the same objectives, contents, requirements and teachers as the studies of Lapland UAS’ degree programmes. Teaching takes place primarily on campus during the day. Students can take a single study unit or a study module. The studies consist of contact teaching and independent studying. Studies require a laptop.

Open UAS studies does not directly entitle the student to get into one of the degree awarding programmes in the Lapland UAS but the credits collected from Open UAS studies can be attached to a degree according to the procedure agreed in the University of Applied Sciences.

Lapland UAS offers four degree programmes in English:

Curricula can be seen in Peppi

If you have any questions about studies or you need help in planning your studies, please contact us primarily to  avoinamksähköposti.jpg