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Frequently asked questions about open UAS

What can I study at the Open UAS?
You can study any of Lapland UAS's bachelor or master degree courses at the Open UAS. You can see the English degree programs here.
Do I need a visa or a residence permit?
International students may need a visa or residence permit for Open Studies, depending on their citizenship. Please note that studying in Open University of Applied Sciences does not entitle to visa or residence permit. For further information, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service.
What does studying require?
Student's knowledge base need to correspond to the requirements of the study unit. Student also have to have good language skills and have to have his/her own laptop.
Is there an entrance exam to the Open UAS?
No. Students are accepted to studies in the order of registration.
Can I get a degree from open UAS?
No, you can’t. To get a degree always requires being a degree student in UAS. Based on study path studies you can apply for a degree student in a degree programme. More information about applying can be seen here.
Can I start studying in open UAS even though I haven’t finished high school or vocational school?
Education is open to everyone interested, regardless of age or previous education. However, student have to be able to study in university level. Note, for some courses there might be know-how requirements.
Do studies require attendance?
Yes, studies contains contact lessons and require attendance in Lapland UAS’s campus.
I am unemployed at the moment. Can I study in open UAS?
Yes, you can but you need to contact TE-services before starting open UAS studies to find out does studying affect your unemployment benefit.
How and when do I register to the Open University of Applied Sciences?

You can register for Open UAS path studies and and study units via this website https://hakeutuminen-amk.peppi.lapit.csc.fi/web/hakijan-tyopoyta/opiskeluhaku.

Registration is binding. Students are accepted for studies in order of enrolment.

What does path studies mean?

Path studies consists of studies which are parts of education leading to a degree. In Lapland UAS´s Open path studies are usually first academic year's studies in Bachelor's and Master's degrees.


After I have completed 60 credits in open UAS (or 20 credits in 60 credits’ master studies or 25 credits in 90 credits’ masters studies) am I accepted as a degree student right away?

No, you have to make an application to become a degree student. See instructions on how to apply on the basis of Open UAS studies here . You can apply here.

Note, if you are applying to Master's degree you also have to have an applicable degree from a higher education institution and two years of work experience after the degree.

If I become a degree student in a later date do I have to study the units I studied in open UAS again?

If you are applying to becoming a degree student in Lapland UAS and you have done your open studies in Lapland UAS’ open UAS the studies you have finished can be credited to your degree studies according to the procedure agreed in the University of Applied Sciences.

If you will apply to become a degree student in a different UAS, you have to check that UAS' selection criterias to see if your finished studies can be credited.

Can I study Master’s degree studies in open UAS?

Yes, you can. Note that you have to have a suitable bachelor-level degree or other suitable higher education degree, also you need to have your own laptop and your language skills might be tested.

Master's degree studies offered in English can be found here.
I will be graduating in the spring, can I start studying towards master’s degree right after?
You can start studying towards master’s degree in open UAS. Note that before you apply to become a degree student you have to have minimum of two years of work experience after getting your bachelor’s degree.
Is it possible to get study grant or other study related social benefits when I am open UAS’ student? Or do open UAS’ students have any other benefits?
No, the government (KELA) will not grant financial aid or other study related benefits, like student card for open UAS’ students. However, in Lapland UAS’ campuses open UAS’ student can get a lunch for little bit cheaper price. Student is also entitled to buy a sport pass.
Do I get a certificate for the studies I have completed?
After you have finished the studies you can ask for an official certificate from Open UAS’s office avoinamksähköposti.jpg.
What if I have already paid the open UAS’ study fee before I get the information that I have been accepted to as a degree student in Lapland UAS. Do I get a refund?
If you will be accepted as a degree student to Lapland UAS before the path studies start the study fee will be refunded. If you get accepted to Lapland UAS or to other UAS or school in the middle of your path studies we will not return the study fee.
What if I have to cancel my registration?
Registration is binding. Study fee will not be returned without a valid reason, e.g. doctor’s certificate. If your plans change, and you won’t participate in studies that you have registered for, contact the Open UAS office to avoinamksähköposti.jpg.
What does Application on the basis of Open UAS studies mean?

After completing a required amount of credits depending on your individual study plan (ISP) in open UAS, you can apply to become a degree student. 

Where can I get username and password?
You can get username after you have been accepted to study in open UAS and we have registered you to our system. You will receive an email reagarding your username and password. If you have problems with your username, please contact  ServiceDesk p. 020 798 5800.
Does my username change when I am accepted to degree student?
Your username will remain the same. You can find more information about that from here.
How can I enroll to next academic year's study units if my role changes from open UAS’ student to degree student?