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Open University of Applied Sciences

Open University of Applied Sciences (Open UAS) studies consist of Lapland UAS’ degree programme studies. Entire degrees cannot be completed at the open UAS. Open UAS offers both bachelor’s and master’s degree studies. Education is open to everyone interested, regardless of age or previous education. To start studying master's degree studies student also have to have an applicable degree from a higher education institution.


Education in the Open UAS

  • Offer students a possibility to develop their facts and skills needed in working life
  • Offer an opportunity to study for those who are planning to get a UAS degree later. Open UAS studies doesn’t directly entitle the student to get into one of the degree awarding programmes in the Lapland UAS but the credits collected from Open UAS studies can be attached to a degree.
  • Offer an opportunity to develop yourself


What is required?

  • Students have to have their own laptop
  • Students have to be able to study in university level
  • Student’s English skills level might be tested

Foreign students may need a visa or a residence permit depending on their citizenship. Please note that studying in Open University of Applied Sciences does not entitle to visa or residence permit. For more information can be seen on the home pages of Finnish Directorate of Immigration at

Financial aid from the government is not granted for Open UAS studies because they do not lead to a degree. For this reason, Open UAS students are not eligible for students’ social benefits.


Open University of Applied Sciences (Open UAS) students can study flexible through path studies in the group of degree programme students according to their timetables. Open studies have the same objectives, contents, requirements and teachers as the studies of Lapland UAS’ degree programmes.

Teaching takes place primarily on campus during the day. Students can take a single study unit or a study module. The studies consist of contact teaching and independent studying. Studies require a laptop.

Open UAS studies does not directly entitle the student to get into one of the degree awarding programmes in the Lapland UAS but the credits collected from Open UAS studies can be attached to a degree according to the procedure agreed in the University of Applied Sciences. 

Lapland UAS offers four degree programmes in English:

Bachelor's degree
Bachelor of Health Care, Nursing
Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Tourism
Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business

Master's degree
Master of Business Administration

Curricula can be seen in SoleOPS.
If you have any questions about studies or you need help in planning your studies, please contact us primarily to  avoinamkLapin AMK sähköposti harmaa


CampusOnline offers you the selection of the most interesting online courses by more than twenty Finnish universities of applied sciences.

The courses are free of charge for degree students (Bachelor’s degree/Master’s degree) and exchange students at universities of applied sciences and for path students at Open UAS. Other Open UAS students pay a fee determined by the university of applied science that offers the course in question.


Study path

Study path

Lapland UAS`s Open University of Applied Sciences (Open UAS) provides the opportunity to study towards a degree. Student doesn't need to be a degree student to start studies in Open UAS as study path student. Study path consists of studies which are parts of education leading to a degree. In Lapland UAS´s Open path studies are usually first academic year's studies in Bachelor's and Master's degrees.

When an Open UAS student has earned credits from study units that are included or otherwise suitable for a specific degree programme in UAS, the student may apply for a degree student in the degree programme. In Lapland UAS student can apply in separate application once she/he has completed 60 credits Bachelor's degree studies or 10 credits in 60 credits / 15 credits in 90 credits Master's degree studies suitable to the degree programme.

You can find more information about applying here.


Registration and fees

Registration AND FEES



Registration for open UAS study units is done using the electronic registration form at
The registration is binding. Registration period is continuing. Students are accepted to study units in the order of registration. Accepted students are sent an invitation to study.


  • 10€(1.1.2020 15€) for one credit unit OR
  • 300€ annual fee that allows you to complete an unlimited number of credits



Quality system refers to day-to-day procedures that are employed to ensure and develop the quality of education and other operation. Quality assurance is carried out according to Lapland UAS’s quality system. More information about Lapland UAS’s quality system is available at

The objective of quality system is to:

- give each Lapland UAS student tools for continuous development of operation
- produce information for the development of Lapland UAS’s operation
- bring forth good practices and areas needing development.

Quality system of the Open UAS is based on Lapland UAS’s quality system. We want to develop our Open UAS operation and services together with our customers. An important part of quality system is student feedback.  The Open UAS uses an electronic Webropol-system to gather student feedback. A summary of feedback and development proposals are saved on the Open UAS web-pages. In addition, everyone can send inquiries and feedback about Open UAS operation and students services to  avoinamkharmaasähköposti.jpg  

Contact information

Jokiväylä 11 C
96300 Rovaniemi, Finland

Seija Enbuske
Tel. +358 400 896 963 seija.enbuskeharmaasähköposti.jpg

Niina Riihiniemi
Tel. +358 40 656 5127 niina.riihiniemiharmaasähköposti.jpg

Jonna Löf
Tel. +358 40 708 0724 jonna.lofharmaasähköposti.jpg


Contact info

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