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Summer Experiences at Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Tornio



Being teacher sounds good, but what about being a really good teacher? It is something that I do want to become and that is why I have to be full of experiences. Therefore I decided to go to the country with the best educational system in Europe and probably in the world, Finland. I guess everybody believes summer is the perfect season to go to Spain and take nice holidays: sunbathing, tapas, wonderful weather and great beaches. Of course, I agree with all of them and I recommend people to visit my country whenever they can.

Obviously all Finnish schools are closed during summer, therefore I was not expected to acquire primary school training during the summer. Then I thought I could share my native language with those who would like to learn it. So I investigated about Tornio and its population, and I saw there weren´t Spanish population around this area. I got in touch with LAPIN AMK (Lapland University of Applied Sciences) and I told them about teaching Spanish during their summer school. They agreed kindly.

After my first week working with them and teaching Spanish I feel quite good because of their interest. Also I see how motivate students are to learn a new language. Even some University teachers are coming to this lessons which are 4 days per week from 16:15 to 17:05. I am surprise about how fast these students learn. Besides I see how education works in this country, teachers and students are quite close to each other, and it is something that I wanted to experience. Many activities together, well treated relationships, non boring lessons... it looks like a family.

I would like to show how thankful I am to Lapland University of Applied Science, and specially to Teresa Chen, for the chance they have given to me. I am working with international students and teachers. Also for the resources and facilities they provide to me to work as comfortable as I wish. There are 19 different nationalities in this summer course, and it means how important this University is. Being part of it is something that I will be glad to talk about.

About the city, I could say that Tornio is a nice place to visit and its people are really polite, kind and grateful. I really enjoy the number of times you can cross the Swedish border in just a day. Nature around the city, wonderful river, great houses, and many good places to go.

I am Julio Ortiz, 26 years old and primary school teacher. Currently I work at La Presentación de Guadix school (Granada). I wish I could repeat this experience, I love learning from the best.