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High expectations, yet positively surprised

I decided to choose the international Master´s degree programme at the Lapland University of Applied sciences because I knew what I would get.

I had graduated in Bachelor of Business Administration from the predecessor of the Lapland UAS (KTUAS) just a decade earlier, and therefore, it felt natural to make a comeback to the same school.

As the Master program in Lapland UAS is carried out online, even the fact that I was living and working abroad wasn’t an obstacle. Actually, the virtual class room studies was the final argument which made me send the application form, as I would rather participate the lectures at the comfort of my own home rather than travel to evening school after work on a weekly basis.

Even though I had high expectations based on my previous experiences from the school, I was positively surprised by the high level of education, the professional applicability of the studies, and the internationality of the Master programme.

I was particularly happy to experience that most of the professors in the programme have international business backgrounds and majority of them are visiting from universities outside Finland, which gives the programme an additional international flair. The contact weeks arranged once in semester offer the students a chance to get an in-depth kick off to the subjects of the semester and meet the teachers and fellow students in person.

If you are looking to expand your understanding of international business management, increase your strategic thinking abilities, and develop your professional competencies while aiming at career development in today’s international business environment, the international Master programme at Lapland UAS is the right choice to make.

Going through online MBA studies, a fair amount of self-discipline and persistence is required, but the payback is well worth the effort!

Peter Tasala
Zurich, Switzerland