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Master of Business Administration

International Business Management


MBA degree as on-line studies all over the world. Tuition is carried out virtually. Contact weeks are arranged once in a semester in Tornio.

On-line studies make it possible to combine studies with the work and private life.

Application period: March 1 - 31, 2019.

The business environment in the High North and in other parts of the world is changing due to digitalization, financial and political developments, green economy and globalization, among others.

The research suggests that the future is in the North due to the changes in the demand of natural resources, demographic changes, global warming and globalization. Also the businesses are changing; the organizational structures, the ownership of businesses, business models and role of work and labor.

Networks are changing to emerging partnerships where all actors have to be actively looking for new innovations and trusted partners. Because of these developments, the character and role of entrepreneurship is seeking new forms.

The objective of the International Business Management is to give a holistic picture of the international business.

The programme is designed to increase the competencies of the students and to respond to the needs of the changing business environment. Its foundation is on definition and solving of a development idea and problem together with the fellow students and the working life.

A strong emphasis on multiculturalism is included to enhance competencies in the field of business model development, business cultures, business platforms and ecosystems, and strategic management in international business especially in the High-North.

Furthermore, the aims at designing and building concrete development plans for enterprises to support their internationalization processes.

The programme is conducted entirely in English. There are also close relationships with international partners, both businesses and universities.


Study contents

The Master’s Degree Programme in International Business Management will conform to the requirements knowledge, skills and competencies for the level 7 of European Qualification Framework, EQF(7).

Tuition is carried out virtually by utilizing Moodle and GAFE Study Environments and Adobe Connect system.

Contact weeks are arranged once in a semester. The on-line studies make it possible to combine studies with the work and private life.

  • Seminar week in Tornio, Finland in 26 - 30 August 2019.


The vision of the International Business Management programme is based on three competence areas:

  • digital transformation of enterprises,
  • business model innovation, and
  • service ecosystems and platforms.


Leadership plays a central role in a transformation process. This means that the success of a transformation is dependent on the skills and competencies of the leadership within an organization. The behaviour of managers is an important determinant for the culture within an organization.

In the IBM programme, future managers will be trained in showing appropriate behaviour and raising awareness and engagement.

Structure of studies

Overall theme: Business developer

The programme is divided into themes:

Theme 1. Changing Business Environment 20 cu

• Northern Business Environment 5 cu
• Business Model Innovations and Leadership 10 cu
• Elective: Intercultural Interaction 5 cu

Theme 2. Analyzing Business Models and Ecosystems 20 cu

 • Customer Experience Management 5 cu
• Service Ecosystems and Platforms 10 cu
• Business Research and Development Methods 5 cu

Theme 3. Digital Transformation Strategies 20 cu

• Knowledge and Network Management 5 cu
• Digital Transformation Strategies 10 cu
• Elective: Project Management 5 cu

Master Thesis 30 cu

Three themes consist of 10 and 5 credit unit courses, and an elective course. The thesis process starts from the first semester aiming at developing skills of the students in academic writing and in research and business development methods.

Final project

The aim of the Master thesis is to apply the all-encompassing knowledge and skills in international management to a specialized area of the student’s choice in her/his stakeholder organization or in a regional development project.

Most talents do research and write their Master thesis aiming to apply the learned theories in to practice, and to develop their own research competences and also internationalization processes of their home organizations.

It is also possible do research which has more general interest in enhancing cross-border co-operation in the High-North.


The Master’s Degree Programme in International Business Management will conform to the requirements knowledge, skills and competencies for the level 7 of European Qualification Framework, EQF(7).

How to apply?


Please note, that to apply to this programme you should have 

1. BBA Diploma and

2. minimum of 3 years’ working experience after BBA graduation.



Apply to this Master Programme conducted in English in the Finnish joint application portal on

Applying for study places for autumn 2019 is open from 1 to 31 March.

This programme has a page on where you can find

- application form and instructions
- student selection critetias
- information on entrance examinations


Submitting the copies

The below mentioned copies of certificates must be submitted no later than by 31 March 2019 at 15:00 at the latest.

Submit your attachments in pdf/jpg/png -format into your application form. If you cannot submit your attachments online please contact Lapland UAS Admission Services,

Copies to submit:
Bachelor (or higher) certificate
Work certificates after completing a higher education degree

Passport or residence permit to Finland


Tuition fee at Lapland UAS

Am I required to pay tuition fees?


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Admission Services
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