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Exchange Opportunities for Students from Ukraine

Lapland UAS can accept exchange students from our partner institution, Ukrainian Catholic University, for the autumn semester 2023 and/or spring semester 2024.

Accepted exchange students will receive an Erasmus+ study mobility grant, approximately 1150€ / month + travel grant 275€.
The places supported by Erasmus+ grants are limited and filled on first come, first served basis.

Students from Ukrainian Catholic University, whose right to study have started on February 2022 or earlier, are eligible to apply. Application deadline for the Autumn semester 2023 is 15 May 2023.
For more information on how to apply, please contact incoming(at)lapinamk.fi

Courses offered for the exchange students are bachelor level courses and can be found HERE. Please note, that students can choose courses from one study field only. In addition, to the programme specific courses, students can choose courses from Common Exchange Studies. Students must fulfill the possible prerequisites of the courses they choose in their Learning Agreement. Students must also have sufficient English language proficiency to be  able to complete the planned exchange studies.