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Application process

Who can apply?
Degree programme students of Lapland UAS partner higher education institutions outside of Finland, who wish to do part of their studies at Lapland UAS, can apply for exchange studies. Applicants from partner institutions need to have one of the following agreements:
  • Erasmus+
  • Magellan
  • N2N (north2north)
  • Nordnatur
  • Nordplus
  • Bilateral agreement

Incoming exchange students must have studied at least one year in their home university before coming to a student exchange to Lapland UAS. Students must fulfil the possible prerequisites of the courses they choose in their learning agreement.

Students must have sufficient English language proficiency to be able to complete the planned study/traineeship. The recommended language level for students is B1 based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CERF). Sending institution is responsible for the evaluation of student’s language competence. The level of competence is marked in a learning agreement.

Students can submit an exchange application through electronic application system, SoleMOVE, after first been nominated by their home institution.

What can I study?
Exchange students can follow courses offered in English, or any courses in Finnish provided they know the language. A list of courses offered in English for the exchange students is available in August for the upcoming spring semester and in February for the upcoming autumn semester. Courses can be found from page: Semesters and courses
If you come for practical training
Practical training placement are arranged in Rovaniemi, Kemi and Tornio region. It can be that you need to travel to some of your placements by public transportation. Students are responsible of the travel costs to the placements themselves.

Practical training exchanges must last minimum 2 months. The placements of the training program are arranged by the teachers in the study fields and the training exchanges are coordinated by the international coordinators in the faculties. See the contact information here. Be prepared that it can take some time before you will get the confirmation concerning the training program.

Nomination periods:

Autumn semester: 1st March - 30th April
Spring semester: 1st September - 15th October

Application deadlines:

Autumn semester: 15th May
Spring semester: 31st October


Application process

1. After your home institution has approved you to apply to Lapland UAS, your coordinator needs to nominate you by contacting Lapland UAS international services by email, international . When contacting the international services, the following details should be mentioned:

  • First name and Last name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • Home institution
  • Degree Programme / Field of Study in Lapland UAS
  • Semester / Duration of exchange

Nominations should be sent by email to incoming(at)lapinamk.fi.

2. After Lapland UAS has received the nomination, a user identity to SoleMOVE online application system will be created and sent to you by email. Please notice that you will need to create your own password when entering to the system for the first time. After that you can start creating your electronic application.

3. SoleMOVE requires following attachments in pdf or jpg format:

Study exchange


All students (study exchange and internship)

  • Please notice that Learning agreement / Learning Agreement for Traineeship must be signed by your home university representatives before downloading these attachments to SoleMOVE.
  • Please take into consideration that in your learning agreement you need to have the responsible person at Lapland UAS to be filled in.

5. Applications are processed in May-early June/November after which you will get a letter of acceptance and an information package by email.

6. If your home institution requires the original learning agreement with signatures, you can send the document to the exchange destination:

Notice! In the Letter of Confirmation we use the exact dates of your exchange (arrival and departure date).



Lapland University of Applied Sciences
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Kemi and Tornio:

Lapland University of Applied Sciences
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FI - 94600 Kemi

Data protection

Data protection is a concern that is taken into account in all of the Lapland UAS’s work. More information about the processing personal data you can find from the privacy notice of SoleMOVE and SoleGRANT. Lapland UAS´ data protection webpages you can find from here.