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Studyinfo.fi - Joint application system

Applications for the degree programmes takes place through Studyinfo.fi - the joint online application system on the Internet. The system is open only during the application period for Bachelor’s degree programmes conducted in a foreign language.

You will find Lapland UAS from Studyinfo by the name "Lapland University of Applied Sciences".

The system makes it possible for you to apply simultaneously for four different Bachelor’s degree programmes at Finnish universities of applied sciences using the same joint application form. Think carefully about the order of preferences of the options you choose in the joint application, because the order is binding and you cannot change it after the application period closes. After the application deadline the applications will be processed to see, to which of your options your points are sufficient for admission. If you are admitted to the option of your first preference, you cannot be admitted to the option of your second to sixth preference. If you are not admitted to the option of your first preference, your points will be checked to see, if you can be admitted to the option of your second, third or fourth preference.

Please note that you can accept only one study place at a higher education institution in Finland starting in the same academic term (1 August – 31 December). This rule does not prevent you from accepting another study place during another academic year. See One-place-per-student Provision.