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Lapland University of Applied Sciences – Applying on the basis of open UAS studies

A student who has completed studies via an open university of applied sciences and meets the following criteria may apply and be accepted as a Lapland UAS student if there is room in the group in question:

  1. When applying to a Bachelor’s degree programme the student has completed at least 60 credits in an open university of applied sciences by the date on when the application is submitted. Having completed 60 credits of studies applicable to the Bachelor’s degree programme to which he or she is applying, the student is eligible for studies in said programme even though he or she is not eligible to apply according to the stipulations of the Polytechnics Act.

  2. When applying to a Master’s degree programme of 90 credits the student has completed 25 credits in an open university of applied sciences, and when applying to a Master’s degree programme of 60 credits the student has completed 20 credits of studies, which are applicable to the degree programme in question. The applicant must have an applicable Bachelor’s degree or other applicable higher education degree as well as three years’ job experience after taking said degree. If the student has completed a college-level or higher-level vocational degree programme before taking the Bachelor’s degree, the required job experience may have been acquired during the period between said degrees.

  3. The studies must have been field-specific studies; studies completed at all universities of applied sciences are acceptable.

  4. Selection is based on field-specific principles; selection is based on an interview, completed studies and completed credits. The student must have a realistic possibility to complete the studies during the right-to-study period (progress in studies, readiness to study, languages, mathematics) and the applicant may be required to pass a programme-specific applicability test before selection.

  5. The applicant becomes a degree student at the beginning of a semester (1.1. or 1.8.).

The principles stated above are applied in accepting students via separate application to youth and adult Bachelor’s degree programmes, foreign language programmes and Master’s degree programmes.


Application instructions

You can apply via website www.studyinfo.fi. You can find us when you type in the search field of Lapland University of Applied Sciences and choose the education which you are applying, as well as after the search in a Open UAS Path Studies - Lapland University of Applied Sciences.

Apply online 1.5. - 15.5. or 1.11. - 15.11. WWW.STUDYINFO.FI

Deliver a transcript of credits for open UAS studies and necessary degree and job certificates to the following address:

Lapland University of Applied Sciences
Admission Services
Jokiväylä 11 C

Applicants are notified of the decision by email. The applicant must contact the contact person indicated and review credit transfers and compensatory studies, among other things, with said person before starting studies.

How to apply Open UAS Path Studies


  1. Go to the website www.studyinfo.fi
  2. Write "Search for study options" field of Lapland University of Applied Sciences and press the Search button
  3. Find from the list that appears, the degree programme you want to apply eg. Bachelor´s Degree Programme, Nursing
  4. Search "Open UAS Path Studies"
  5. Open button "Fill in the application form"
  6. Send necessary annexes by the deadline to the Admission Services 

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