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Designing Sustainable Nature-Based Luxury Tourism Product

International intensive course takes place in Rovaniemi 11 – 17 April 2023.


AGRARSENSE project develops new technology solutions to increase productivity in agriculture and forestry

Lapland University of Applied Sciences joins a new 3-year project that takes agricultural and forestry related productivity to the next level. The consortium will develop European state-of-the-art technologies in electronic components and systems for future needs, building European resilience in critical sectors and strongly contribute to sustainability targets and climate change mitigation.

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New Master’s programme of Lapland UAS enhances sustainability skills through transformative learning

Lapland UAS’ new English Master’s programme in Managing Sustainability and Systems Change (MaSS) builds skills to address multifaceted challenges of sustainability and circular economy. Moreover, students learn transformational skills to deal with our increasingly complex environment.

Lapland UAS Blog
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25.1.2023 8:00

Successful reindeer stunning requires expertise

Authors: Mari Ronkainen, Bachelor of Natural Resources, Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Specialist, (Future Bioeconomy), Lapland University of Applied Sciences; Karoliina Majuri, Master of Natural Resources, Agronomist, Project manager, (Future Bioeconomy), Lapland University of Applied Sciences; James Biondic, Technical sales manager, Frontmatec Accles & Shelvoke;

Tekoniemi-Selkälä ja Kähkönen.jpg
4.1.2023 9:00

Nordic-Baltic learning experiences – multi-stakeholder collaboration in the TURID network

Authors: Teija Tekoniemi-Selkälä, M. Sc. (Econ.) and Outi Kähkönen, M.A. work as senior lecturers in the Responsibility in Business and Services Expertise group, Lapland UAS

Saloniemi ja Mäkitalo.jpg
17.11.2021 8:00

Study visits support knowledge transfer in ROSEWOOD4.0-project

Anne Saloniemi, Bachelor of Natural Resources (Forestry) works as a Project Manager in the Future Bioeconomy Expertise group at Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Kari Mäkitalo, D.Sc. (Agriculture & Forestry), works as a Senior Scientist at Natural Resources Institute Finland in Rovaniemi.

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10.11.2021 8:00

Alumni co-operation in attracting applicants

Authors Katja Mattila, MBA, Planning officer, Lapland UAS in LUC-services (University of Lapland) | Tarja Tammia, M.Sc., Manager in Responsibility in Business and Service Expertise group, Lapland UAS | Orsolya Tuba, BBA, Lapland UAS Alumna and Founder at Finn minta

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