Graduates in February 2024

Congratulations to all the new graduates!

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NPA funding for utilizing technology in social and healthcare education

Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, and Atlantic Technological University from Ireland have joined forces to explore more effective ways of utilizing technology in the education of health and social care professionals.

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Even heavy transport is required to undergo a green transition

At Lapland University of Applied Sciences, research is being conducted to determine the requirements for developing alternative fuel distribution infrastructure for heavy transport in Lapland’s conditions.

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6.2.2024 11:00

Green Transition and Sustainability: Implications for a Lapland-based Company

Authors: Anzelika Krastina, MEd., MBA, senior lecturer, Lapland UAS & Eeva Helameri, MA, specialist, Lapland UAS

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22.11.2023 9:00

Insights from a Short-Term Student Exchange: The European Association for Sport Management Summer School

Angeria Mari, Senior Lecturer & Kemi Jenni, Specialist, Responsibility in Business and Services Expertise Group in Lapland UAS

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9.11.2023 13:00

Educating sustainable change experts

Authors: Sanna Tyni, Ph.D., Principal lecturer, New Industry Expertise Group, Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Marika Tuomela-Pyykkönen, M.Sc., Head of Degree Programme in Managing Sustainability and Systems Change (MaSS), Masters’s School, Lapland University of Applied Sciences

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4.4.2023 13:00

Forest Visitor VR solution generates well-being to it's users

Author: Mika Uitto, Project Manager in Digital Solutions Expertise Group, Lapland University of Applied Sciences

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