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Why I wanted to be a student tutor

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Hello everyone! My name is Linh, and my friends call me Evelyn. I'm a 22-year-old Vietnamese girl who was born and raised in a mountainous city named Cao Bang, Vietnam. I am now a third-year Tourism student at Lapland University of Applied Sciences. This is my first year as a tutor, and I'm looking forward to assisting new students and enhancing the school's reputation. It makes me ecstatic and happy.

I'd like to tell you about why I want to be a tutor. I was anxious about enrolling since I knew I would have to leave my hometown and start a new life in a distant country. I was nervous and terrified when I thought about it, even though I knew that studying abroad had always been my desire and ambition. I contacted my classmates and professors to gather information on living in Rovaniemi. Thankfully, my tutors have been helpful to me.

One of my tutors helped me in taking the keys to my new apartment and bringing them to my residence on the first day I arrived in Rovaniemi. My tutors planned several events for new students like myself in the following days, and they were always willing to help and answer my inquiries. I highly appreciated their help, and it has made it much easier for new students to become more open-minded and assimilate into the new environment.

At that moment I knew that I wanted to follow in their footsteps as a tutor. My prior tutors' passion sparked my desire to become a good tutor.

I'm still working on improving myself and doing everything that I can to assist new students. I hope that the new students are always happy and they will have beautiful memories of student life when studying in Lapland UAS.

Linh Mong (Evelyn)