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Studying in Finland Makes My Business Dream Become Achievable

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Hello, everyone! I am Shi Shengjin (Allen) and I am very happy to share with you some of my study experiences in Lapland UAS regarding:

  • Why I chose Finland as a study destination and why Lapland UAS?
  • How does actual learning environment & experiences look like?
  • Precious international internship experience & financial supports from Erasmus?
  • Feelings & Challenges during the graduation process?

So, I chose Finland because of three important aspects:

1. It is the happiest, safest and stable country in the world.

2. Finland has world’s most well-known and cost-efficient education system. Importantly, Lapland UAS offers high-scholarships (almost free!!!) through every year for international students, which can largely reduce financial burden for their family. Furthermore, teaching style are quite flexible and humanized, individual study plan will be made based on the learning ability of the student which means he or she does not have to worry about getting lost in study progress as important lectures will be recorded on the study platform.

3. Lapland UAS is located in Kemi, Tornio and in Rovaniemi city which is a perfect masterpiece of nature and modernity as well as the hometown of Santa Claus, also just on Arctic Circle. Thus, many are able to see great Northern Lights as well as the opportunity to visit real Santa Claus. Excited?

As for learning experiences and environment as a whole, academic atmosphere in Lapland UAS is excellent and teachers are highly qualified as well. In addition, teachers will often give the feedback & improving advice after classes. More importantly, teaching methods in Lapland UAS are diverse, rich and professional (indoor and outdoor). For example, during the studies, the school will arrange many valuable activities for students regarding personal professional learning and growth such as company field visits, CEO entrepreneurial experience sharing & communication, different workshops and business projects, labs for testing business ideas, etc. This is something that business student needs.

Lapland UAS also provides compensated international internship opportunities for students. I achieved my first professional practical training in 2017 from May to November with a good financial support from Erasmus. I worked as a general manager assistant in a local hotel business in Spain. After half year in that position, I slowly realized what a real professional working life should be (strict work schedule & 100% execution, highly disciplined & emotional controlled, effective team cooperation and communication skills, excellent working competence, etc.). Thus, as a qualified entrepreneur, one not only requires number of professional theories from school but also the practices from actual work. Consequently, Lapland UAS can be an ideal study place which offers international students excellent business theories, the opportunity to do business projects with internationals and an internal platform for testing business ideas under the assistance from business tutors.

Most excited part but also challenges

Facing graduation, most students including me, are thrilled and sad in a way because a lot of things are coming to you at once such as thesis writing, feedback & improvement, graduation application process....and diploma certificate eventually received. However, I acquired both professional theories and practical work experiences during my degree studies in Lapland UAS from past 4 years. Thanks to all teachers who taught and helped me during my business studies and I felt indeed a powerful education system as well as enthusiastic teaching atmosphere, I am truly grateful for such efforts and patience from all of you teachers and I am very proud of my school! LOVE YOU️!!!

Shi Shengjin (Allen)