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Studies in multicultural environment

I have made so many new good friends here.

My name is Li Jialun and I am from China.

What impressed me most about Rovaniemi was the amazing view. There are fresh air, clean lakes, beautiful forests and the Northern lights there. Every time I walk through the bridge, those stunning sceneries can ease my mind. Then the pressure gets lower and I feel extremely relaxed at that moment. I still remember the first time I saw the Northern lights, that was around two years ago. Before that, I only had seen them on social media, but still, when that really happened just in front of me, I was totally surprised and I felt I was so small under the wide sky.

When it comes to my studying environment, I have met so many good friends and teachers here. They have helped me a lot in different aspects especially during my first year when I was really shy and introvert. For me, it is also interesting to study in this multicultural environment. My friends who are from all over the world introduced me to different cultures and through these lovely interactions, I have learnt how to communicate in order to respect their cultures. I have also become more open-minded and easy-going.

Partying is also part of students’ life and it is a good way to meet more people. In Rovaniemi, there are many student events which are organized pretty well. I have participated in some of them and met many people like locals and exchange students. We laugh together and share each other’s stories; this is the best part of my memories as well. 

Come and study in Rovaniemi! 

- Li Jialun -