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My professional interest is in marketing

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Next week, I am going to graduate so I want to share with you guys my experience of studying and living in Rovaniemi in 3,5 years.

Moi! I am Nhi Nguyen, a Vietnamese girl who studies International Business at Lapland UAS.

At the very beginning, Lapland UAS wasn’t my first choice of studying a Bachelor’s degree. However, it was a destiny that I could have the opportunity to study here. At the university, teachers and staff are very nice and helpful. They always facilitate your studies and whole-hearted instruct their students. There is no distance between the teachers and us. Besides, all the courses and knowledge are well-managed and up-to-date. At Lapland UAS, students have the chance to study exchange in another country and also do the internship in the third year. I feel so lucky that I didn’t miss those opportunities.

The period of studying International Business at Lapland UAS did help me a lot in my career path. I’ve built a basic foundation and developed my soft skills. In this major, I was taught many different subjects such as marketing, human resources, finance, business law, and so on. Hence, when studying here, students can take part in different courses in order to decide which one is the most suitable for them. And for me, I choose marketing as the field that I want to pursue in my career path. If you take your career planning seriously and put effort into it, you will get the job that you want after graduation. Hard work pays off!

If you are a nature-lover, Lapland is definitely an ideal destination for you. It has plenty of magnificent forests, lakes, and mountains to explore. In the winter, you can hunt the amazing Northern Lights dancing above the skies and capture these splendid moments that you will never forget. Also, you can join interesting winter sports such as skiing, ice skating, ice swimming, etc and experience Finnish traditional sauna in your spare time. Fortunately, every building of student housing has a sauna for people and it’s free!

As you know, people said that living in Finland is really cold and depressed. In my opinion, it’s just partly true. The weather is super cold but I love winter. And trust me, -20 degrees in Rovaniemi is still better than 45 degrees in my home country… In the period of living here, I’ve met lots of awesome friends. That’s one of the reasons why I had a very good time in Finland. I also had a Finnish roommate and we are still close friends until now. For me, Finns are a little bit shy but they are warm, sincere, and kindhearted.

Studying at Lapland UAS is one of the best decisions in my lifetime for sure. Thus, I wish you guys would also have wonderful experiences in Rovaniemi like me. Kiitos!

- Nhi Nguyen, R31D16S