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Multicultural study environment grow your expertise

Beneath Arctic, Above Ordinary. This is the way I feel after studying here.

My name is Yen, I'm a 19 years old girl from Taipei, Taiwan. Many people may wonder why Finland? Why Rovaniemi? Well, I am going to tell you the story. 

The first time I been to Rovaniemi was on Christmas in 2014, when I was a high school exchange student in Joensuu. My family brought me to visit Santa, which was my first time to see the magical and lovely old man. This is how the magic happens: ‘Snowy, white, and hopeful’, this was my first impression to Rovaniemi. 

In the summer, I visited Rovaniemi again, which was very different from winter. There was nice weather, sunny and it was not so crowded with tourists. Rovaniemi is an amazing city, which secretly grew the dream in my heart, that this is the place where I want to spend some time. 

At the age of 18, I decided that I wanted to go back to Finland to study something that I truly love, at somewhere that I like, meaning, at the well-known country, which offers the best education in the world. I have always been a person who love travelling; therefore, tourism was my first choice. 

I wanted to know more about traveling and I dreamed that people would have nice traveling experience because of my expertise. The question was where should I choose to study? There were so many schools in Finland that I could choose. Oh yes, I remembered the hometown of Santa: the amazing city where you sometimes can see the magnificent dancing light show if you are lucky, the city with beautiful snow, Rovaniemi, where Lapland UAS is located. I started to search for the information about Lapland UAS, and applied to it in studyinfo.fi. After few months, I got the invitation to take the exam in China and few months later, an email came in the late evening, saying: "Congratulations, you have been accepted to Lapland UAS". So, here I am. 

I truly feel the difference between my home country schools and Lapland UAS; it is in the way we are taught in class. Here, you are free to share your ideas, you're free to ask any questions, you're free to say anything out loud. Besides, we get a lot of chance to design our project, where you can discuss your innovative ideas with your classmates, and make your project happen. This is not just talking and writing theory on paper. This is the place where we actually make everything happen. 

Tourism industry is a multicultural working environment, and in Lapland UAS this is the perfect place for you to practice your future career and build your network. There are Finnish, Russian, Vietnamese, Icelandic, Canadian, Spanish, Italian, Bangladesh in our class so you can't find a better multicultural environment than here. 

We are also encouraged to do exchange abroad. You are able to see more about this world, study different things in different countries and broaden your horizon. We have many training periods during which you can try different jobs and different tasks to find out what you like to do in the future. You can develop the skills that you are good at. 

If you feel like this is exactly what you want to do and want to join us, get ready and hop on to this amazing journey, we are waiting for you here! 

Yen Lo, Taiwan