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Lapland UAS Tourism is the best choice

I really like the content of Tourism program at Lapland UAS.

My name is Nhu Quynh Nguyen (May) and I am studying Tourism in Rovaniemi.

First, I was studying in Vaasa UAS in Degree Program of Information Technology since I failed the entrance exam to study at Lapland UAS. After asking for consultancies from my mom and friends, I decided to change my major degree even though there was a tuition fee. I was considering between Lapland UAS and other UAS’s and chose Lapland UAS. I want to be involved in Tourism. Lapland UAS is famous for its degree program of Tourism and Rovaniemi is Santa Claus’s home town. I registered and went train to Rovaniemi to take the entrance exam again. Now I am a third-year student in the degree program of Tourism and Hospitality Management here.

I love Rovaniemi and Lapland UAS. I really like the content of Tourism program at Lapland UAS. There are more practice than just boring lectures. We experience study trips and learning in different places such as in Artikum museum, rather than normal classrooms. In addition, there are some projects such as Vappu -event or Gala project. In Gala project you can learn in practice to organize an event. The program in the third year is perfectly designed. You can learn so much about structure of a business, which I had no idea before. Although I came late for this year I really like it. You can imagine the whole picture of an enterprise in your mind through holistic course. 

Come here to join us! You will never regret for your decision of choosing Lapland UAS. 

- May Nguyen - 

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