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International business, a gateway to the world

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Dear reader,
This note is coming from a person that wanted to give up her studies, but at the end succeeded to end them, and to complete. This is a sign that you should never give up and continue to reach great heights in every field you strive in.

My story starts when I dreamed to become a businesswoman, that will build a solid company through entrepreneurship. I had always been fascinated by business, marketing, and leadership.
I remember graduating from high school in Rovaniemi. I knew what I wanted to do at that point, I wanted to learn business in a country ranked high on its education system. So I chose to not leave Finland and study in the country for my university studies. I heard about Lapland UAS, I heard they were teaching Business Administration in English, I thought this university is near where I live and I should apply to become part of the student body of that institution.

I applied and I had so much fun learning and making new friends. I was so happy to have made a good choice for my future. Plus, I found the learning approach to be simplified and easy to understand kind of thing. I was very astonished at how the teachers could explain difficult concepts into easy words that anybody would understand.

So in my studying journey, we learned accounting, economics, marketing, innovative concepts, finance, entrepreneurship, sustainable business concepts, leadership, administration: IT tools etc. We also learned how to financially manage a company by playing simulations.

I have noticed that since I entered this university, I learned how to be proactive, how to be active, how to be optimistic, how to think in a business way, and how to lead a group of people. My before and after attitudes have great differences, thanks to this university. As you will become a completely different person since you start studying in there.

With all of these skill set and strengths, I am leaning towards having my own company and becoming an actual entrepreneur if not I would just be working in the human resources department and work my way up to become an HR manager whose role I admire a lot.

At last, we have come far in this studying journey, and it is time to say goodbye to this beautiful institution that really helped me grow as a student, as a business-interested person, as a person.

Au revoir et merci beaucoup Lapland UAS 
Nassira Kante, International Business student ( now alumni )