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Insights from a Short-Term Student Exchange: The European Association for Sport Management Summer School

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22.11.2023 9:00

Angeria Mari, Senior Lecturer & Kemi Jenni, Specialist, Responsibility in Business and Services Expertise Group in Lapland UAS

Lapland UAS students participated in the European Association for Sport Management (EASM) Summer School for the first time in May 2022. From a pool of applicants, four students were chosen, representing diverse Degree Programs—Business Administration and Sport and Leisure. The students described the EASM Summer School as one of their best life experiences, and they highly recommend it as a short-term exchange to anyone interested in sports management and networking with like-minded people.

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Picture 1: The exciting first day of EASM Summer School. Lapland UAS students Emma Tuisku, Erika Katainen, and Miro Lyly with teachers Mari Angeria and Jenni Kemi. Picture taken by Mariam Chatani.

Throughout the week, students engaged in numerous insightful lectures led by academia and sports managers from organizations, such as LaLiga and BMW. The week also involved visits to various organizations, such as the Microsoft Global Innovation Centre, showcasing cutting-edge digital innovations. The lectures provided valuable insights into sports management, marketing, sponsorships, and other industry-related topics. Furthermore, time was dedicated to interactions among students outside the classroom.

This post provides insights into the experiences of EASM Summer School students during their short-term exchange. The content is derived from a learning diary created by students as a course assignment, with edits and condensation done by the authors. Students were aware beforehand that their course assignments would be used in communications and marketing efforts for the next few years. Links to videos prepared by the students are included at the end of the post. Thank you for your valuable participation and contributions Emma Tuisku, Erika Katainen, Mariam Chatani, and Miro Lyly.

“One of the best experiences in my life. I wish I could participate again.”

The summer school comprised lectures and excursions. The lectures took place in a conference room within walking distance of our accommodation. The opening day began with warm greetings from Gerardo Bielons, the visionary behind the Summer School. The organization was impeccable, and we felt well looked after. Overall, the student group comprised around 80 students from various universities around the world.

Valuable knowledge and perspectives: EASM Summer School Day 1

The first lecture, delivered by Herbert Woratschek, professor at Sport Management Academy Bayreuth, delved into engagement platforms in sports and their value. Francesc Cruces followed with a lecture titled "Every sponsorship has a buyer." The presentations were clear, loaded with valuable insights, and supported by illustrative slides. At day's end, we formed 15 international groups and received a sports sponsorship case study. Even working on the case study was a fun interactive assignment, and a great way to get to know one another, and learn to work in diverse work settings.

Innovations and Insights: EASM Summer School Day 2

On day two, Ainhoa Cea, BMW Events & Sponsorships Head in Spain, led a captivating lecture on sports-brand collaboration. Between lectures, we had breaks to network with students from diverse backgrounds. Two impactful lectures by Robert Kok (Fontys University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands) and Larena Hoeber (University of Regina, Canada) explored fan communication and diversity in sports fan performances, enriched with real-life examples. After lunch, a bus took us to Microsoft GSIC for a guided tour of cutting-edge sports innovations. Trying gadgets like the Porsche-developed sim rig was a highlight. Post-tour, we explored sunny Madrid before returning for group case study work. Despite the intensity, leisure time was well-planned. The day concluded with a group dinner and city exploration—a perfect mix of learning and enjoyment

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Picture 2: The student group comprised around 80 students from various universities around the world.

Exploring Global Perspectives: EASM Summer School Day 3

The day began with a captivating lecture on "La Liga's Strategy as a Global Player in the Sports and Entertainment Industry," by Jose María Gotor. We were pleasantly surprised by the transparency with which their strategies and global approach to us. Ruth Crabree's (Sheffield Hallam University, England) lecture on international perspectives in people management brought a modern twist to sports fandom, leaving me with valuable reflections. The star of the day was Osmo Laitila from Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, whose presentation included not only valuable knowledge but also an entertaining Käärijä, Finnish performance in the Eurovision Song Contest, dance lessons for international students. Later, a visit to the impressive Territorio Atleti Stadium showcased its modern architecture and top-notch facilities, making the guided tour both informative and enjoyable. Exploring the stadium with friends was a fantastic experience.

Memorable Moments: EASM Summer School Day 4

The fourth day was a significant day for the groups, with case study presentations that they had been working on for the entire week. The morning was dedicated to insightful presentations, showcasing the impressive results from each group. After the presentations, we celebrated a job well done at Kilometros de Pizza, followed by a visit to the Santiago Bernabeu, Real Madrid's stadium, just before a La Liga match. Exploring the stadium and its museum added to the excitement, with many grabbing scarves as souvenirs. Afterward, leisure time allowed some to shop, while others explored Madrid. The highlight of the day was the LaLiga match between Real Madrid and Getafe. The match was amazing, the fans were singing and supporting both teams. The atmosphere in a packed stadium was unforgettable. The day concluded with more leisure time, highlighting the diverse activities Madrid offers.

Kuva 3 Angeria M.jpg

Picture 3: LaLiga match between Real Madrid and Getafe. Lapland UAS students Emma Tuisku, Miro Lyly and Erika Katainen with teachers Mari Angeria and Jenni Kemi.

Exams and Farewell to Madrid: EASM Summer School Day 5

On the fifth day, we had our final exam which was conducted in three groups. After the exam, we explored the vibrant center of Madrid, enjoying lunch and a guided tour of the old part of the city. Due to the national bank holiday "San Isidro," many local men, women, and especially children were wearing traditional clothes and performing traditional dances. In the evening, we all gathered together once more and had the farewell dinner receiving the certificates from our host Gerardo. The realization that it was the last day in Madrid brought a hint of sadness; we wished we could have stayed longer.

Thanks to Lapland UAS for giving us the priceless opportunity to be part of this short-term exchange. Thanks to the teacher, for their support and care. Participating in the Summer School has been an incredibly valuable experience, and if given the chance, I would eagerly join again next year.

Kuva 4 Angeria M.jpg

Picture 4: Receiving the certificates from our host Gerardo Bielons and Professor Guido Schafmeister

Learn more about experiences in the Summer School —watch stories by our students here:
Video by Miro Lyly: https://youtu.be/NV--YllbYhI
Video by Erika Katainen: https://youtu.be/T0Zqpx8w3To
Video by Emma Tuisku: https://youtu.be/hrlY18hp5eI
Video by Mariam Chatani: https://youtu.be/wmsj_HCk02k

Apply now to study at EASM Summer School in May 2024! in Brief

The Summer School is targeted to Lapland UAS students studying the Degree Programmes of Business Administration and Sport and Leisure.

It serves as a valuable opportunity to enhance one's degree with fresh insights into the International Sport Management Industry, Business, and Marketing, among other relevant topics. Throughout the week, students engage in international collaboration, building a global network with peers from around the world. Participating in the Summer School offers the advantages of exchange studies without the commitment of an entire semester, allowing students to earn 6 ECTS.

The Summer School offers a unique opportunity for students to interact with academics and professionals in the sports management sector. It provides visionary insights helping students broaden their views, enhance their understanding of the sports management world, and serve as a catalyst for careers in this dynamic field of study.

The 15th EASM Summer School, themed “Empowering Sport Managers: Innovative Tools & Insights” will be organized on May 15th-19th, 2024. The application is open and interested students are invited to apply with a motivation letter (max A4) via e-mail by Sunday 14th of January 2024 at the latest. Only five genuinely motivated students will have the opportunity to join! For more information and to apply, please contact Ms. Jenni Kemi or Ms. Mari Angeria (firstname.lastname@lapinamk.fi.)

Kuva 5 Angeria M.png
Picture 5. The 15th EASM Summer School, themed “Empowering Sport Managers: Innovative Tools & Insights”

Lapland University of Applied Sciences is an institutional member of The European Association for Sport Management (EASM). It is an independent association of people involved in the management of sport in the broadest sense. EASM has a wide international network of experts and National Organisations in the fields of sport management and has close European and Intercontinental relations. Click through to learn more about the association: https://www.easm.net/

In preparing this post, the authors have utilized artificial intelligence tools, ChatGPT version 3.5, and Grammarly for proofreading and correction suggestions. The authors have thoroughly reviewed and edited the content generated by these tools, taking full responsibility for the text's accuracy and content.

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