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Going international in Rovaniemi

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You can get involved with so many different nationalities and cultures while experiencing the arctic lifestyle.

Tourism studies has it all. It is broad and unique and works best for anyone who wants to get a little international. If you do not want to exit the arctic area, you can let the nationalities come to you here in Rovaniemi through the studies. Want to go abroad? That is possible too. It is all included.

My name is Jakke and I have been born and raised in Rovaniemi. In fact, I have lived most of my life in here so far. I have grown to praise and respect the arctic conditions that we have here. Unlike many others, I actually enjoy the constant darkness in winter that swallows the land most of the time, as I find it very atmospheric. I could spend countless of days having the bonfire/fireplace as the only source of light.

What made my study tourism in Lapland then? Well, I have tried many things when it comes to work, but I really wanted to get to put my English skills to use. Of course, the second heaviest influencer was the fact that I like to work with people. If you are a Finnish person like me and may have been giving thought for applying to tourism studies, but are scared if your English skills are sufficient, I have something to tell you: Do not hesitate. You will do perfectly fine. It is not rocket science and you will improve all the time with it throughout your studies.

From the beginning of the studies your class will be very multicultural and you will keep meeting more and more people as you progress. The studies are a lot about project working, marketing, event organizing and learning about business models. Creativity holds an important role in the field and practicing it in group tasks is in key role. You can also study languages in here!

The extensive possibilities that this field offers is definitely worth checking!

- Jakke Rutonen, DPT15