GRUDE – Green Economy Information Sharing Project Nominated for Arctic Awards 2022

The Green Rural Economy – GRUDE project has been nominated for Arctic Awards 2022.

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Building Ecosystem Integration Labs in HEI project

Lapland University of Applied Sciences is one of the partners of the project named Building Ecosystem Integration Labs at HEI to foster Smart Specialization and Innovation on Sustainable Raw Materials – HEI4S3-RM.


Vocational and Professional Education Research Conference 2022

Welcome to the annual Finnish Conference on Vocational and Professional Education Research taking place on 9 and 10 November 2022 in Rovaniemi, Lapland!

Lapland UAS Blog
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17.11.2021 8:00

Study visits support knowledge transfer in ROSEWOOD4.0-project

Anne Saloniemi, Bachelor of Natural Resources (Forestry) works as a Project Manager in the Future Bioeconomy Expertise group at Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Kari Mäkitalo, D.Sc. (Agriculture & Forestry), works as a Senior Scientist at Natural Resources Institute Finland in Rovaniemi.

Mattila Tammia Tuba.jpg
10.11.2021 8:00

Alumni co-operation in attracting applicants

Authors Katja Mattila, MBA, Planning officer, Lapland UAS in LUC-services (University of Lapland) | Tarja Tammia, M.Sc., Manager in Responsibility in Business and Service Expertise group, Lapland UAS | Orsolya Tuba, BBA, Lapland UAS Alumna and Founder at Finn minta

Ilieva ja Saloniemi.jpg
6.9.2021 12:00

The Black Truth behind Global Warming

Writers: Amelia Ilieva, Bachelor student in a greenery management at PXL University of Applied Sciences, Belgium; Anne Saloniemi, project manager (Bachelor in of Natural Resources, Forestry) in the Future Bioeconomy Expertise at Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

Korhonen Heidi neliö.jpg
23.6.2020 7:00

Medico Nordplus Intensive Week during Corona pandemic April 2020

Writers: Heidi Korhonen, a senior lecturer, MHSc, RN at Lapland University of Applied Sciences along with nursing students Evelyne Chicukwa, Jhermaine Von Etrata and Marie Lagundi.

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