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BART - Public-Private Partnership in Barents Tourism

 Kuvaus: Project aims to sustainable tourism development by initiating and supporting public Private Partnership. Project stakeholders will form an international working group that will act as a base for the public private partnership. Members will form regional teams to carry out the activities in their own region. Current strategies and projects will be mapped and compared with each other by to decide on further actions. Needs for applied tourism research will be studied and common issues will be recommended as research topics. Based on background work an Action Plan for tourism stakeholders will be made to support the work of Joint Working Group on Tourism operating in the Barents area. When surveys are done the results will be disseminated for the interest groups.
 Aikataulu: 22.12.2010 - 21.6.2013
 Projektin tila: 4 Päättynyt
 Hallintokunta: Rovaniemen ammattikorkeakoulu
Matkailualan tutkimus- ja koulutusinstituutti
 Projektipäällikkö: Mari Vähäkuopus
 Kokonaiskustannukset: 921523,96
 Rahoitus: Kolarctic ENPI CBC 2007-2013