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Students’ IT helper


Students' IT helpers give guidance to using Eduroam WLAN and downloading Office365 and Office applications.
The IT services of Lapland UAS do not provide support for student’s own computers (small-scale advice may be provided if necessary).



IT-helper Martti Muraja
Tel. 040 647 3150
Office in ROTKO (student union) office Jokiväylä 11C, 96300 Rovaniemi
Face-to-face help available on Thursday and Friday 12pm - 2pm


IT-helper Miikka Marin
Tel. 040 648 5385
Office in ROTKO (student union) office Tietokatu 1, 94600 Kemi, Kauppakatu 58, 95400 Tornio
Face-to-face help available at Kosmos on Thursday 12pm - 2pm and at Minerva on Friday 12pm - 2pm

On call duty in both places on weekdays from 9am to 3pm, If your campuses helper doesn’t respond, please contact another campuses helper.

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LUC IT-service can be reached by phone or email: 020 798 5800 or servicedesk(at)