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Useful information to start your studies in Lapland UAS

Here you can find further information about the the points to be accepted to the Bachelor Degree Programmes in Lapland UAS


For admitted students

The letter will be send by mail to the address in your application and also by email.

The accepted student have to confirm the study place by set date at the latest.
(If you will be accepted from the waiting list, in that case the last date the confirm the study place can be different than informed above)

Send the copies of the cerficates to the Admission Services by email or by post.

Postal address
Jokiväylä 11 C
FI-96300 Rovaniemi

Take the original certificates with you when you start your studies.


Academic year 2017 - 2018

Academic year starts 1.8.2017 and ends 31.7.2018. Autumn semester starts 1.8.2017 and ends 31.12.2017. Spring semester starts 1.1.2018 and ends 31.7.2018. Teaching is arranged in periods determined by the Lapland  University of Applied Sciences (932/2014 muutos 257/2015, 29§).

Academic year 2017-2018 Schedules and Start times and Venues

täppä.jpg Academic Year 2017-2018 Start times and Venues


To enroll for non-attendance

All new students are to enrol for attendance or non-attendance. Only the students who have enrolled for attendance have right of study

According to the Universities Act/Polytechnics Act, a first-year student may register as absent for the academic year for the following reasons only
täppä.jpg To enroll for Non-Attendance


From study path to degree student

Read more if you are transferring from open UAS to Lapland UAS as a degree student.
täppä.jpgFrom study path to degree student



The owners of Lapland UAS ltd are the town of Rovaniemi, the town of Kemi, the town of Tornio, the Kemi-Tornionlaakso Municipal Education and Training Consortium Lappia, the Rovaniemi Municipal Federation of Education and the the University of Lapland. The home place of the organization is Rovaniemi and the board is chaired by the town of Kemi.
täppä.jpg Premises


Visa, permits and insurance

Finland has quite strict rules concerning immigration. Rules and regulations may differ depending on if you are a non-EU citizen, European Union citizen or citizen of the Nordic countries.
täppä.jpg Visa and Permits
täppä.jpg Insurance



Please notice that it is very important to apply an accommodation on time and have it ready before arriving to Rovaniemi, Kemi or Tornio. The beginning of each semester is the busiest time and student housing will be filled up quickly. It is important to apply an accommodation as soon as possible.


Student union Rotko

A Student Union can be found from every University of Applied Sciences in Finland. In Lapland UAS, it bears the name ROTKO.  Together we, the representatives and members of the executive board of the Union, want to wish you welcome to study here with us!
täppä.jpg Student Union Rotko


Student card order

By ordering a student card for yourself you gain the best student benefits locally & nationally! Choose a suitable card for you and join ROTKO. All you need when making the order is a passport like picture and an electric payment method. In case you aren't able to make the order online, please contact the Student Union office.

When ordering a new student card as a Lapland UAS student, choose Lapin Ammattikorkeakoulun opiskelijakunta (ROTKO) as your Student Union and carry on with the order. You can pay the card and membership at the end of the order.
täppä.jpg Studentcard order


Going abroad

All students of Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Lapland UAS) have a possibility to gain international experience abroad in both study and placement/training period. All students should prepare the mobility period carefully and well in advance because the exchange process contains many arrangements. Students plan their international exchange at the beginning of their studies and carry out the exchange on the second or third year of their studies.
täppä.jpg Going Abroad


Recognition of prior knowledge (AHOT)

täppä.jpg Recognition of prior knowledge (AHOT)


Study-related social benefits

Financial aid is available from Kela for post-comprehensive school education.

Financial aid can be awarded for full-time study in an upper secondary school, vocational institution or institution of higher education. The amount of financial aid available depends on your age, your accommodation and the type of school you are enrolled in. It is also affected by your income and sometimes also by your parents’ and your spouse's income.
täppä.jpg Study-Related Social Benefits 



From TimeEdit you can find our class Schedules.
täppä.jpg TimeEdit - Public Schedules


Practical information

You can find more useful information on the Institution, Living in Finland and about Finland. There is also more information about Before coming to Lapland and After Arrival.
täppä.jpg Practical Information


Students require a laptop

Studies at Lapland University are often independent of time and place, which is why students must have a laptop computer at their disposal. Lapland UAS students can download the Office 2016 package for free (In Mac version not Access included) and use it for the duration of their studies, but for the maintenance of the other software in their laptops the students themselves are responsible. For more complex data processing and specific applications used in the education, the classroom computers of the UAS will be used.

If you study in on-line courses, please, note that you have to have a USB headset (with microphone) and a broadband internet connection, wherever you are when you connect to Moodle or iLinc.


  • a laptop with WIFI
  • a tablet PC running Windows OS with WIFI
  • Operating system Windows 7 or later OR Apple Macintosh OS X 10.7 Lion or later



  • desktop computer (you can use those at home)
  • tablet (other than with Windows OS)
  • Linux devices (unfortunately)


Settings for WLAN at campuses

EDUROAM wlan network is intended for staff and students own laptops, as well as the use of mobile terminals. To use EDUROAM wlan at campuses you have to install Sonera's root certificate to your laptop or/and mobilephone. Root sertificate can be installed before you arrive to campus area. Guideline for EDUROAM installation.

Students' IT helpers

Students' IT helpers give guidance to using Eduroam WLAN and downloading Office365 and Office applications.

The IT services of Lapland UAS do not provide support for student’s own computers (small-scale advice may be provided if necessary).

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