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17.4.2018 8:00

Reminder for students to check their income for 2017 and return overpaid financial aid

The deadline for returning financial aid voluntarily for 2017 is 31 May 2018. Financial aid recipients can now check Kela’s e-service for preliminary information on their 2017 income which counts towards financial aid.

16.4.2018 7:00

Survey: university sports services

Hey Student! We would like to hear your opinions and need you to help us in developing our sport services.

15.4.2018 9:00

Enrolment for academic year 2018-2019.

All continuing students must enrol as attending or non-attending students every academic year even if you are abroad on study exchange.

15.4.2018 7:33

Enrolling for studies for autumn term / academic year 2018-2019

Dear student, please remember to enroll in good time to avoid losing your right to study.

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