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With quality to success

The Finnish education system is internationally competitive. It also has an excellent reputation in the world. We Finnish operators also have a good reputation as a cooperation partner in international projects.


Categories of education export

  • Master degree education (for citizens outside EEA)
  • Further (supplementary) education for public and private customers
  • Consulting services on education sector, in development projects or outside them
  • Education technologies, such as modern learning environments, learning games, social media and wireless solutions
  • Content production, such as books and learning materials
  • Research and evaluation services of education
  • Seminars, conferences and other learning events
  • Solutions including multiple business services.


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Quality label

Social Services, Health and Sports
Head of Education

Ms. Eija Jumisko

Industry and natural resources
Mr. Hannu Kähkölä

Business, ICT and culture
Ms. Sari Mattinen

Travel and Tourism
Ms. Tarja Tammia