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Open University of Applied Sciences


Open University of Applied Sciences (Open UAS) studies consist of Lapland UAS’ degree programme studies. Entire degrees cannot be completed at the open UAS. Open UAS offers both bachelor’s and master’s degree studies. Education is open to everyone interested, regardless of age or previous education.  To start studying master's degree studies student also have to have an applicable degree from a higher education institution.

Education in the Open UAS

  • Offer students a possibility to develop their facts and skills needed in working life

  • Offer an opportunity to study for those who are planning to get a UAS degree later. Open UAS studies doesn’t directly entitle the student to get into one of the degree awarding programmes in the Lapland UAS but the credits collected from Open UAS studies can be attached to a degree.

  • Offer an opportunity to develop yourself


What is required?


  • Students have to have their own laptop

  • Students have to be able to study in university level

  • Student’s English skills level might be tested

Foreign students may need a visa or a residence permit depending on their citizenship. Please note that studying in Open University of Applied Sciences does not entitle to visa or residence permit. For more information can be seen on the home pages of Finnish Directorate of Immigration at http://www.migri.fi.

Financial aid from the government is not granted for Open UAS studies because they do not lead to a degree. For this reason, Open UAS students are not eligible for students’ social benefits.