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Accommodation in Lapland

Please notice that it is very important to apply an accommodation on time and have it ready before arriving to Rovaniemi, Kemi or Tornio. Beginning of each semester is a busy time and student housing will be filled up quickly.


Accommodation in Rovaniemi

As an incoming international exchange student you have two main accommodation possibilities:


Domus Arctica -säätiö (DAS)

Lapland UAS exchange students usually stay at DAS Kuntotie apartments. Kuntotie area is situated near to Ounasvaara about 3 kilometers to the downtown Rovaniemi. Nearest commercial centre with grocery store, pharmacy and post services is 1 km away. There is also another grocery store 600 metres away.

There are six houses in Kuntotie and two of these are furnished and reserved for exchange students. In Kuntotie area there are sauna turns, clubroom, laundries and recycling room. The monthly costs varies according to the size, type and location of the apartment. DAS offers single rooms / shared rooms for two with a shared kitchen, toilet and bathroom for 2-3 persons and single rooms with own bathroom but shared kitchen and balcony.

More information on DAS Kuntotie


Housing companies and private sector

You can also look for an apartment from the city of Rovaniemi, housing companies and private sector. These apartments are usually unfurnished. The rent depends on the area and the condition of the apartment. For detailed information please check this webpage.


Accommodation in Kemi and Tornio

Exchange students are accommodated either in Kemi or Tornio depending on their study program or the location of the practical training placement. When applying please indicate what kind of accommodation you prefer, we try to fulfill your expectations. If you want to move in to the flat together with another person, please name the person in question.

Lapland University of Applied Sciences does not have dormitories. The apartments are rented by housing companies, private sector or you can rent an apartment from a Lapland UAS student who is on exchange.

Exchange students apply the accommodation in Kemi or Tornio by filling in the application for accommodation in Kemi-Tornio. You need to attach the application to your SoleMOVE application. The application are delivered to the accommodation officer Mr Jukka Ikäläinen who will arrange the accommodation for exchange students according to the application.


Accommodation in Kemi

Accommodation in Kemi is located within a 2.5 km radius of the Lapland UAS education units. Students live mainly in two or three bedroom apartments. Every student has his or her own bedroom. If you want, you can also share your bedroom with your friend. You will share a kitchen and a bathroom/shower with one or two other students. The apartments are furnished. The rent depends on what kind of accommodation you have. Internet is not included in all of the rental apartments. International office provides internet connection for exchange students. The rent includes water, heating and electricity.

Exchange students must pay the rents for one semester at once (autumn semester rents in September and spring rents in January). In Kemi the rents must be paid when student arrive to pick up the apartment key.

After arriving you need to make a rental agreement with the house lord as soon as possible. Contact information for Student housing foundation of Kemi (Kemin opiskelija-asuntosäätiö)

Student Housing Foundation of Kemi
(Kemin opiskelija-asuntosäätiö
Keskuspuistokatu 6-8
FI-94100 Kemi

More information on accommodation in Kemi

Accommodation in Tornio

The accommodation is located within a 0.5 km radius of the Lapland UAS education units. You will have your own room and share kitchen and a bathroom/shower with two other students. If you want, you can also share your bedroom with your friend. The apartments are furnished. Free laundry facilities are available. The rent is approximately 300 €/ month / student. Electricity, heating, water and internet connection are included in the rent.

You will have to pay a deposit of 200 € which will be returned to you when leaving if there are no claims. Deposit covers possible accidental damage to the property, unpaid rent and replacement of keys/locks when keys are lost or not returned. Remember to give your bank account information to the housing company before your departure. Exchange students must pay the rents for one semester and the deposit at once (autumn semester rents in September and spring rents in January).During the first week students will visit the housing office and sign the rental agreement. All the payments are done after arrival.

See contact information for Tornion Krunni Oy Service Provider

Tornion Krunni Oy
Lukiokatu 10
FI-95400 Tornio

More information on accommodation in Tornio

Remember to confirm your arrival time to Kemi or Tornio to the accommodation officer two weeks before your arrival as well as in to SoleMOVE.

If you have any questions concerning the accommodation issues please contact:

Mr Jukka Ikäläinen
Accommodation officer
Tel. +358 (0)50 461 2335
Email: firstname.lastname sähköposti.jpg