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Bachelor of Business Administration

The BIT Degree Programme gives students theoretical and practical skills required for working in the field of information and communication technology (ICT). The objective of this programme is to educate specialists in cloud computing, Web and mobile services and applications.

Our graduates are able to design, develop and test software systems, Web and mobile applications. Additionally, students understand the business idea of cloud computing and software service delivery models. Education in English is important since the degree of internationalization in the ICT area is enormous. BIT provides a great opportunity to study in an international environment thus supporting learning different cultures and acquiring multicultural team working experience.

BIT Degree Programme is based on the most efficient learning and teaching methods. Project-based learning and courses where the students are getting practical skills are utilized. Students can be in contact with the business life of the region, working with real tasks from companies. This degree programme encourages personal growth, critical thinking, research skills, and cooperation with team mates.

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Sari Mattinen, Tornio
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Admissions office
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For further information

  • Degree
    Bachelor of Business Administration
    Tradenomi (AMK)
  • Length
    210 ECTS Cr, 3,5 years
  • Teaching time
    Day time teaching
  • Application period

    10. - 25.1.2017

  • Entrance examination
    x April 2017 at x.00. Address: Minerva, Kauppakatu 58, Tornio
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