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Transfer students

Transfer Students who wish to apply for a transfer must have the right to study in a Finnish University of Applied Sciences and they should be progressing in their studies according to their study plan.

Students can apply for a transfer to Lapland University of Applied Sciences in order to obtain the same/a similar qualification within the same degree programme.

Apply online 2.5. - 16.5.2017 or 1.11. - 15.11.2017 - WWW.STUDYINFO.FI -

Send to the Admissions Office:

- an up-to-date transcript of records
- a certificate of student status which specifies all months of attendance and absence  as well as the date when studies began

Before sending your application it is recommended that you check if there are any free study places in the school and degree programme of your choice.

Transferring to a different degree programme or school is carried out following the normal application procedure.

Further information:
Admissions Office
tel. +358 400 830036 and +35840 5118659

A domestic transfer student is a student, who changes his/her study entitlement from one UAS to another (same degree and degree title). The information below is applied to transfer applications to Lapland University of Applied Sciences. See the degree programmes in English in the process at the moment in the Lapland UAS.

Entrance examination

The UAS accepts the student admission made by another UAS.

Duration of studies

The normative duration of studies and the study entitlement time starts on the date the student has accepted his/her study place in the previous UAS.

Admission of a transfer student

Lapland UAS accepts a transfer student providing s/he has prerequisites for graduating within his/her study entitlement time. The student admission is conditional until the student has withdrawn from his/her previous UAS. The decision on the admittance is made by the Dean of the educational unit in question.

Applying for a transfer

The transfer application with enclosures has to be sent to the Admissions Office, where the applications forms can also be ordered from.


How to apply as a Transfer student

  1. Go to the website www.studyinfo.fi
  2. Write "Search for study options" field of Lapland University of Applied Sciences and press the Search button
  3. Find from the list that appears, the degree programme you want to apply eg. Bachelor´s Degree Programme, Nursing
  4. Search "Transfer Students"
  5. Open button "Fill in the application form"
  6. Send necessary annexes by the deadline to the admissions office


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